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Over this past summer, Saanich Police asked the community for feedback on our strategic plan as part of our overall work evaluating the Plan and its impact. We asked stakeholders for input on the quality and usefulness of the plan to them, and what they would like to see in the plan in future.

More than 250 community members responded.  You can find the report outlining the findings HERE.

Some highlights of findings from those who had read the plan include:

  •      72% said it was “very high quality” or “high quality” (25% were neutral)
  •      67% said it was “very useful” or “useful” (28% were neutral)
  •      77% indicated that the plan increased their understanding of the Saanich Police (18% were neutral)
  •      65% thought based on the content, Saanich Police understood their or their organization’s needs (30% were neutral)
  •      68% indicated that the information in the plan increased their confidence in Saanich Police (29% neutral)
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