If you plan to drink, don't make plans with your car. Plan a safe ride home.



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SaanichPolice LOCATED. The missing female twins Valerie and Jackie have been located and returned home safely.
SaanichPolice We are seeking assistance in locating two missing identical females, age 54 years, who were last seen in the Tuscan… https://t.co/oXrd07ldwl
SaanichPolice RT @SaanichFire: #yyj @Saanich @SaanichEP, Saanich residents, be advised that Saanich Fire Department is not involved with or supporting an…
SaanichPolice @shawnmckean We are passionate about road safety @SaanichPolice. Thank you @shawnmckean for acknowledging our effor… https://t.co/yhee9sLYJf
SaanichPolice Keep yourself informed about the latest scams. Knowledge is protection so be sure to share what you learn with othe… https://t.co/cTSxqscPiU

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