This unique program began in 1995, Doug Oakley (retired Saanich police officer) is the coordinator. The Program began using a 1970 Front Engine Dragster. This rare Drag Race car was restored and painted with Saanich Police colours and a custom Emergency Light Bar. The Dragster covers the quarter mile Drag Strip in just over 9 seconds at close to 250 km/h. picture of Saanich dragster
In 2003, a 1979 Pontiac Lemans was added to the Program. This street car had been modified over a three year period by the Automotive Classes of Reynolds Secondary School to be a full race Drag Car. The Pontiac also boldly displays Saanich Police colours and Emergency Light Bar. This race car covers the quarter mile in just over 12 seconds at close to 200 km/h.

In 2010, a '48 Fiat Topoleno Drag Race Altered was added.  This is a purpose built car for the sport of drag racing and is powered by a blown alcohol big block Chevy motor with 1000+ horsepower.  This car covers the quarter mile in 8 seconds at 300km/h.  The Dragster (above) was sold in 2005 and this unique race car gives us back some of the "magic" that was lost.  Our experience proves that the Dragster and the Altered gain the attention of boys and girls of all ages.

Both cars are used extensively as “Educational Tools”, taken to schools, summer camps, community and charity events, parades, car shows and many other events. They are used to “hook” the attention when delivering many important messages. Messages about anti-street racing, drinking and driving, say NO to drugs, bike/skate board/roller blade safety to name a few.

This Program has been supported by Community Policing. Community Policing is forming partnerships between the Police and the Community to provide services that both partners see as valuable.  Financial support has come from sponsors and supporters as well as the Province of British Columbia.  No Police Department money is used and all help is voluntary.

Contact information: Doug Oakley (250)884-2085 or

                            Cst Kevin Bates (250)475-4321

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