The mandate of the Traffic Safety Unit is to improve road safety within the Municipality of Saanich. The Section is committed to reducing the number of serious crashes in Saanich through intelligence led enforcement. There are currently 16 members assigned to Traffic Safety Unit, who operate marked and unmarked vehicles and BMW police motorcycles.

Members of the Traffic Safety Unit are responsible for:

Criminal Code driving offences
Enforcement of the Motor Vehicle Act and Municipal Bylaws
Investigation of serious motor vehicle crashes
Investigation of hit and run crashes and driving complaints

Please visit the following ICBC websites for important information about safe driving and other

Campaigns and Promotions:

Distracted driving and cell phone use information:


Traffic Safety Unit Videos


Saanich Community Association Network

The Saanich Community Association Network (SCAN) is a network of community associations and groups with the purpose of communication, information sharing, education and support.   Participants in SCAN are mostly, but not exclusively, community association representatives.   There are sixteen community associations in the Municipality.  

S.C.A.N. meets on the first Wednesday of the month (excluding July and August); 7:00pm in the Kirby Room at the Saanich Police Department.    The focus of the monthly meetings is to share and discuss ideas and issues of relevance to Saanich residents.   These issues include, but are not limited to, social, economic, environmental and land use issues.    Expert speakers and municipal staff are invited to meetings as information resources.   Any community group is welcome to attend if it feels that it can benefit from the information sharing and networking.  

S.C.A.N. supports Block Watch as the framework for its property crime prevention program.   Further information on S.C.A.N. can be obtained by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and a list and map of the Associations can be found on the municipal web site.

Steps for Block Organization

  1. Attend a Block Watch information session. This is our first step in becoming a Captain or just getting some more information about the program. Please RSVP in case of schedule changes and so we can prepare for number of participants. Next sessions will be held Via Zoom meetings, email us for an invitation to the meeting! 

    2020 Dates

     October 20

    November 17
    @ 7:00 PM sharp   Onine Presentation, please email for the meeting invitation. 

    For further information or to RSVP; email, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  2. Complete Application & Criminal Record Check applications - (NO canvassing until application is accepted).  Application can be filled out electronically and emailed back to us with a picture of your drivers licence or other government issued photo id.  APPLICATION AVAILABLE HERE

  3. When your application is accepted, attend the above noted information/orientation meeting if not previously attended.

  4. Canvass your neighbours, follow the guidelines provided from your orientation evening.

  5. Complete a Map and Participant List (50% participation required if you live in a Strata) and email in the map and participant list. 

  6. Email the Block Watch Office to arrange for first Block Watch Meeting (provide 3 weeks notice).

  7. First meeting:

    (i) Hosted by Block Captain/Co-Captain;

    (ii) Distribute maps and BW decals to all participants.

    (ii) Police Officer will attend, and show a short Block Watch Video - a Youtube link,  and answer questions.

    (iv) After the first meeting the Block Captain's main task is to act as communication link the Block Watch Office and your participants, as outlined on the task description.

The Block Watch program requires that blocks hold annual meetings to remain active in the program.

April 19th, May 17th, June 21st, September 20th, October 18th and November 15th

In Canada, a burglary occurs about every three minutes and it usually happens to those who are the least prepared.

Although no security system is 100 per cent effective, there are a number of things you can do to reduce your risk. Burglary is not a sophisticated crime - it is a crime of opportunity. Burglars do not choose victims - they choose opportunities.

To reduce your risk, first assess your vulnerability. This can be achieved by accessing our security check list which will highlight the areas of security which could be improved around your home. To assist in the recovery of stolen or lost items, all of your valuables should be marked for identification with your B.C. drivers' license number. This aids in the fast recovery and identification of stolen property.

It is a good idea to go through this checklist twice, once during the day and again at night. Assessing your home's security is the first step in crime prevention. If you answered NO to any of the questions, your home security may have a weak link that a burglar may exploit.

Home Security Inspection

Home Security Checks are available free of charge to all Saanich residents. To arrange an appointment, please contact the Crime Prevention Office at 250-475-4703 or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Sensible, affordable steps to greater peace of mind

  • Ensure that your second-storey windows cannot be reached by a burglar using such things as the garage roof, ladder or tree limbs;
  • Make sure tools and ladders are kept where they cannot be used by a burglar;
  • Install locks on interior doors leading to areas such as garages, solariums and basements;
  • Always keep your garage door locked;
  • Try to make your house look occupied when you are away;
  • Know your neighbours' phone numbers and inform each other of your travels;
  • Keep police and emergency phone numbers posted near your phone;
  • Mark all of your valuables for identification, hold adequate property insurance, and store them securely. Important documents and some valuables should be stored in safety deposit boxes;
  • Inform family members about your security precautions and make sure they practise good security habits;
  • Consider a home security system; and
  • Join the Block Watch Program.

Protect your valuables

  • Engrave your B.C. Driver's licence number on a non-removable part of each item of value in your home.
    • Many times we have been asked why don't we engrave our Social Insurance number onto valuables? The answer is Saanich Police can obtain your identification through your Drivers' Licence number in a matter of minutes, where your Social Insurance number may take days, even weeks.
  • Keep a record of all items you mark on your household inventory card;
  • Engrave your property in two places;
  • Photograph or video tape items you do not want to mark; and
  • Engravers may be borrowed from the Block Watch office 250-475-4365 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Why Engrave Your Valuables?

  • It deters a thief because it makes the property more difficult to sell;
  • It can be used as evidence in police investigations;
  • It is easily identifiable and can be returned to the owner; and
  • An inventory of the missing property will be helpful in an insurance claim.

Job Title:

In cooperation with the Saanich Police, and under the leadership of a volunteer Block Captains/Co-Captain, PARTICIPANTS will partner with their neighbours to build safer communities by taking responsibility to reduce the opportunity for property offences.

Basic responsibilities are to:

  • FIRST REPORT WITHOUT DELAY to the Saanich Police all Break and Enters, attempted Break and Enters, and any other suspicious activity. SECOND, in a timely fashion and at a reasonable hour, advise the Block Captain/Co-Captain of the reported incident.
  • Watch out for your neighbours.
  • Take steps to improve your home security and take measures to target harden your home. Mark your property with your driver's licence number. (Engravers available from Capt/Co-Captain).
  • Attend yearly Block Watch meetings.
  • Inform your Block Captain/Co-Captain of any changes in the personal information required for Block Watch map.
  • Ensure that Block Watch participation is not used as a vehicle for promotion for any other cause. Personal information, lists and data are to be treated with confidentiality.
  • To have an interest in preventing crime in your area.

Job Title:

In cooperation with the Saanich Police, and with the assistance of their volunteer Area Coordinator, BLOCK CAPTAINS/CO-CAPTAINS will be responsible for the delivery of the Block Watch program in their specific neighbourhood, and to communicate with the participants on their block.

The Block Watch Captain/Co-Captain carries out the general duties associated with the Block Watch Program on their block, including:

  • Arranging the initial meeting to implement the program in their neighbourhood. Act as host at this meeting, to be held at Captains home or another suitable location. Ensure yearly neighbourhood meetings are held.
  • Acting as liaison and communication link with the volunteer Area Coordinator, the Block Watch Office, Saanich Police, and the participants on their block. Maintain contact with Area Coordinators, and/or the Block Watch Office on a regular basis - at least quarterly.
  • Welcoming new residents to the neighbourhood by explaining the Block Watch program, and encouraging participation.
  • Maintaining accurate list and map of all participants, and update every six months. Copies to be forwarded to the Saanich Police - Block Watch Office, and the Area Coordinator.
  • Distribution of newsletters and other material to all participants on your block.
  • Responsible for distributing "fan out" of important information to participants of your block. Report to Saanich Police and the Block Watch Office all Break and Enters, and attempted Break and Enters in your neighbourhood.
  • Ensure that Block Watch participation is not used as a vehicle for promotion for any other cause. Personal information, lists and data are to be treated with confidentiality. Dissemination of information is exclusive to the purposes of the Block Watch program and will not be shared for any other purpose.
  • Set a good example by initiating home security and target hardening measures in your own home. Arrange for distribution of an engraver to participants on your block.

Interested in and committed to preventing crime in your area.
Good communication and organizational skills
Ability to work with other community volunteers.
Criminal Record Check required (no fee).
Respect of confidentiality essential.
Sense of humour helpful.


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