The mandate of the Traffic Safety Unit is to improve road safety within the Municipality of Saanich. The Section is committed to reducing the number of serious crashes in Saanich through intelligence led enforcement. There are currently 16 members assigned to Traffic Safety Unit, who operate marked and unmarked vehicles and BMW police motorcycles.

Members of the Traffic Safety Unit are responsible for:

Criminal Code driving offences
Enforcement of the Motor Vehicle Act and Municipal Bylaws
Investigation of serious motor vehicle crashes
Investigation of hit and run crashes and driving complaints

Please visit the following ICBC websites for important information about safe driving and other

Campaigns and Promotions:

Distracted driving and cell phone use information:


Traffic Safety Unit Videos


The Integrated Mobile Crisis Response Team (I.M.C.R.T.) is currently comprised of 9 full time personnel.  A team leader, 2 Psychiatric Nurses, 2 Social Programs Officers, 2 Youth and Child Clinicians and two Police officers, who provide coverage 7 days per week.

The objective of the Integrated Mobile Crisis Response Team is to combine front-line crisis response elements into a more efficient, responsive and interdisciplinary crisis response team that can attend to the full continuum of community crises irrespective of age, preponderance of addictions or mental health issues, or public safety concerns.

An Integrated partnership between police services, Child and Youth services, mental health and addiction services, promotes diversion from acute hospital resources, linkage to community service providers, and fulfill the requirements for a community-based mobile crisis response service.  This is one of the five core components of a crisis/emergency response network cited in British Columbia’s Mental Health Reform Best Practices for Crisis Response/Emergency Services.

On January 24, 2005, the fight against child pornography and child expolitation received a boost with the national launch of  This site provides the public with information, education and resources as well as support and referral services, to help Canadians keep themselves and their families safe on the Internet.

WHAT IS CYBERTIP.CA? is Canada's National Tipline for reporting the online sexual exploitation of children.  It is a centralized web portal for receiving and addressing reports from the public regarding child pornography, luring, child sex tourism, and children who are exploited through prostitution. also provides the public with information, referrals and other resources to help Canadians keep their children safe while on the Internet.

Child Find Manitoba is credited with a leadership role in developing and this site is operated as one of the organization's core services.


As Canada's National tipline,'s mandate is to protect children from online sexual exploitation by:

  • Receiving and analyzing tips from the public about potentially illegal material and activities regarding the online sexual exploitation of children, and referring leads to the appropriate law enforcement agency; and
  • Providing the public with information and other resources, as well as support and referral services to help Canadians keep themselves and their families' safe while on the Internet.

If you want to report a incident of internet child exploitation, you can contact your local police department, go to, or call Toll Free: 1-866-658-9022.

The NCECC was established in 2003 as the law enforcement component of Canada's National Strategy to Protect Children from Sexual Exploitation on the Internet. The centre was created in response to the recognition that the Internet was being more frequently used to facilitate sexual exploitation crimes against children including the exchange of child sexual abuse images and child luring.

The mandate of the NCECC is to reduce the vulnerability of children to Internet-facilitated sexual exploitation by:

  • Identifying victimized children
  • Investigating and assisting in the prosecution of sexual offenders
  • Strengthening the capacity of municipal, territorial, provincial, federal and international police agencies through training and investigative support

The NCECC is Canada's contact point for files involving Canadian victims and suspects. The Centre provides a number of services to law enforcement, including the ability to respond immediately to a child at risk, the coordination of investigative files, expertise in victim identification techniques, management of multi-jurisdictional cases, operationally relevant research, and training specific to online child sexual exploitation investigations.

NCECC also manages and provides training for the Child Exploitation Tracking System (CETS), an intelligence tool that enhances information sharing among Canadian investigators.

Saanich Police and NCECC

Saanich Police is dedicated to safeguarding our children, and has supported NCECC with coordinated investigations and even with personnel. In August 2005, Cst. Arnold Guerin, one of our former Child Abuse Investigators, moved his family to Ottawa to take on a full-time role of combating child exploitation. Presently Cst. Guerin is the Technology Manager at the centre. He is the leading world expert on CETS and travels around the globe training police agencies.

Reporting Online Child Exploitation

The B.C. Crime Prevention Association is now publishing a quarterly newsletter that is dedicated to Crime Free Multi-Housing.

See their website for newletters and other sources of information

Name Address Date Certified
Colquitz Green 945 Portage Rd October 2010
Gorge Towers 200 Gorge Rd W November  2010
Carey Lane 3910 Carey Rd April 04, 2011
Arbutus View 2964 Harriet Rd March  2011
Creekside 4288 Carey Rd April 2011
Greenlea 788 Shawnee Rd April  2011
Tillicum Station 285 Hampton/3210 & 3240 Albina St April 2011
Brookside Manor 2623 Richmond Rd November 2011
Mt Douglas Court 1550 Arrow Rd March  2012
Maplewood Green 3255 Cook St April  2012
Hampton House 3333 Seaton St June  2012
Tillicum Terrace 2993 Tillicum Rd Phase II
Corners Place 4060 Corners Place June 2013
Edge Place 950 Edge Pl October 2012
Battin-Fielding 880 Vernon Ave Phase II
Scotia Green 929 - 969 Scotia St June 2013
Nigel Square 821 Nigel Ave Phase II
Christmas Hill 789 Blackberry Rd Phase II
Royal Lancer 1527 Cedar Hill Cross Rd Phase II
Corners Place 4060 Corners Place June 2013
Union 1149 Union Street June 2013
McKenzie Terrace 910 McKenzie Ave Feb 2014
The Ardea 275 Burnside Road West  June 2014
Herons Landing 3185 Tillicum Road June 2014
 Horizons Apt. 1576 Midgard Avenue  August 2015
Sunny Lane Apt. 3255 Quadra Street

July 2015

Gorge Terrace Apt. 250 Gorge Road West

October 2015

Battin Fielding Housing 880 Vernon Avenue July 2016
The Brambles  750 Miller Avenue Sept 2016


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