The mandate of the Traffic Safety Unit is to improve road safety within the Municipality of Saanich. The Section is committed to reducing the number of serious crashes in Saanich through intelligence led enforcement. There are currently 16 members assigned to Traffic Safety Unit, who operate marked and unmarked vehicles and BMW police motorcycles.

Members of the Traffic Safety Unit are responsible for:

Criminal Code driving offences
Enforcement of the Motor Vehicle Act and Municipal Bylaws
Investigation of serious motor vehicle crashes
Investigation of hit and run crashes and driving complaints

Please visit the following ICBC websites for important information about safe driving and other

Campaigns and Promotions:

Distracted driving and cell phone use information:


Traffic Safety Unit Videos


There are an infinite variety of confidence tricks or con games and no two are played in exactly the same manner. Everyone should be aware of these schemes but seniors can be particularly vulnerable and are often targeted specifically.

Phoney Bank Inspector
A con artist will pose as a bank inspector and request your help in exposing a dishonest bank teller. The con will ask you to withdraw money from your account in order to check the serial numbers.

The phoney inspector will swear you to secrecy, making you feel as though you are part of the investigation. The victims than hand over their money, regretfully never to see it again.

Remember: No bank would ask you to withdraw money for this purpose. If you are asked to do this, please contact your local police as soon as possible.

The Pigeon Drop
This type of con game is probably more frequent than reports indicate due to the reluctance of many victims to admit their foolishness. Swindlers will approach the victim and claim they have found a large sum of money. They offer to share it with you, but require you to put up some of your money to show your good faith. You are given a phoney address to pick up your money and sadly never see the money or the swindler again.

The Home Repair Rip-Off
This is one of the most common schemes often perpetrated on elderly homeowners. It is a phoney door-to-door renovating company. The salesperson claims to "just happen" to be in your neighbourhood and offer a good deal on home repairs.

Don't feel pressured by these people. They may say that “the special deal is only good for today” or that “they feel the job is urgent and if not attended immediately will lead to more expensive repairs”

Ask questions and only do business when:
1. you are satisfied that you are dealing with a reputable company
2. you are convinced that you actually need the work done.

You may want to ask the person to leave their card and you will contact them if you decided you require their services. Then get a second opinion from a reputable company.

To find out about more current scams or to check out the record of any business contact the Better Business Bureau of Vancouver Island.

Also see Current Scams.

Alzheimer Society of BC
(call 250-382-2052 or click the link above)

The Alzheimer Society of B.C is the leading source of education, support and information for people affected by dementia. 

The Alzheimer Society provides support for patients and families who are living with dementia. 

The BC Coalition to Eliminate Abuse of Seniors (B.C. CEAS)
(call 1-866-437-1940 or click the link above)

This is a province-wide forum for individuals, seniors, community agencies and organizations, government and policy makers.

The mission of the B.C. Coalition to Eliminate Abuse of Seniors is to:

  • Promote and encourage development of local services and advocacy to support and assist seniors who have been abused.
  • Promote the development and dissemination of materials and programmes to educate the public in abuse of seniors.
  • Create a network for sharing information identifying issues and coordinating activities.
  • Promote research about abuse of seniors.
  • Promote the rights and interests of seniors who are being abused by advocating on their behalf with governments and other organizations.
  • Achieve representational membership.

Elderly Outreach Services (EOS)
(Please call 250-953-3966 or click the link above)

This organization provides assessment, treatment and follow-up services to seniors who are experiencing a late-onset presentation of mental illness and who are living in the community or in Long Term Care facilities. EOS offers consultation and education to families, caregivers, professionals and community agencies. Services are provided on an outreach basis.

(Please call 250-953-3966 or click the link above)

Vista provides services for seniors experiencing problems with the misuse of alcohol and/or prescription drugs. It also addresses elder abuse issues. Vista has professional counsellors that provide outreach and counselling in client's home, advocacy, follow-up and consultation and educational workshops.

If you have more questions about the abuse of seniors visit our Elder Abuse page.

British Columbia Crime Prevention Association

The Saanich Police Crime Prevention Office provides a multitude of seniors crime prevention education and awareness programmes. The Crime Prevention Officer is available to speak to any individual or to a group of seniors regarding any questions, guidance, or concerns about seniors personal safety, drivers’ awareness, or crime prevention. Please contact the Saanich Police Crime Prevention Office directly at:  250-475-4704

Saanich Volunteer Service Society (SVSS)
(call 250-595-8008 or click the link above)

Saanich Volunteer Services Society (SVSS) supports and promotes the wellbeing of Saanich residents through coordinated volunteer services and connections to community resources. For over 28 years, SVSS Volunteers have fostered and supported a truly unique and genuine community of neighbours helping neighbours.

SVSS volunteers help their neighbours in myriad ways: supportive transportation to a variety of medical and non-medical appointments, companion visits, friendship calls, help with gardening and yard work, minor home repairs, shopping assistance, delivering food hampers and prepared meals, completing income tax returns, and many other activities associated with living independently in your own home.

In addition, SVSS provides the following programs for seniors: weekly On the Go Again social gatherings, monthly Macular Degeneration Support Group, and weekly Grocery Shopping Bus trips. SVSS volunteer services are free to all clients. SVSS services support seniors to age actively, enjoy good health and remain independent and involved in the community.

Saanich Silver Threads

Saanich Silver Threads is a seniors recreation centre. They offer a variety of activities in different areas. These areas include: crafts, cards, and active programs.

The Outreach Programs are: “Guess Who Is Coming To Dinner”, an evening dinner programme for the frailer, elder seniors to give them a chance to get out and socialize; the “Enjoying My Community” programme which includes elderly ladies who come weekly to socialize and once a month do a ‘field trip’ into the community; and the “Memory P.L.U.S.” program for those seniors with beginning memory problems and their caregivers.


Alcohol/Drug Information & Referral Service - 1-800-663-1441

For information on alcohol and other drugs, the names and locations of local counseling services, and of self-help groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous, AlAnon, Adult Children of Alcoholics, Narcotics Anonymous and others. 24 hour service 7 days a week.

BC Families in Transition (formally the Separation and Divorce Resource Centre) - 250-386-4331

Pre-separation consultation and individual counseling for people of all ages affected by divorce or separation. Groups for adults and children on issues related to family separation.

The Cridge Transition House for Women - 250-479-3963

Emergency shelter, information, support and counseling for abused women with or without their children. 24 hour crisis line.

Greater Victoria Police Victim Services - 250-995-7351

Greater Victoria area police departments and RCMP detachments provide support services to residents of Victoria, the Western Communities and Sidney, through the Greater Victoria Police Victim Services Program.

Intercultural Association - 250-388-4728

Services for immigrants including: settlement work, ESL classes, support groups, interpreters, etc.

Legal Services Society Family Law Website
( )

Legal information publications on family law matters, self-help materials, a section on resolving family law problems, links. This website is dedicated to helping people understand and use the law to resolve their family law problems and assist in the understanding of the legal system.

Margaret Laurence House - 250-995-0058

Safe and supportive second stage housing for women with children who have left abusive relationships.

Men's Trauma Center - 250-381-0493

Individual support and counseling for male victims of abuse.

Native Friendship Centre - 250-384-3211

Services and programs such as education, employment, social, health and community outreach for urban aboriginal people.

Pacific Centre Family Services Association - Counseling programs for men who use violence - 250-478-8357 ext. 2230

Assessment and counseling for men who have abused their female partners and want to stop. Women's program for partners of men in the men's program.

Parents in Crisis - 250-384-8042; Crisis Line 250-386-6323

Support groups for parents of children aged 0-13

Parents Together - 250-474-6468

Problem solving and support groups for parents who are concerned about their teenager's behaviour.

Sooke Transition House - 250-642-2591

Emergency shelter. Information, support and counseling for abused women with or without their children. 24 hour pager.

Spousal Assault Victim Support Program, Victoria Women's Transition House Society - (Victoria) 250-356-1201; (Western Communities) 250-391-2864

Offers support and court preparation to victims of abuse in intimate relationships, information about the role of the criminal justice system and police involvement.

Stepping Stones for Families - Ready to Rent - 250-388-7171 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Program offers a 6 week course to assist people to successfully securing housing and reach their housing goals.

Stopping the Violence Program, Victoria Women's Transition House Society - (Victoria) 250-592-2927 ext. 202

Individual and group counseling for women who are currently experiencing abuse or who are survivors of abuse in an intimate relationship.

Vancouver Island Crisis Line 1-888-494-3888 24 Hour Crisis Line Support and Resources Island Wide.

Victim Link (formerly Victoria Information Line): 1-800-563-0808

Trained resource people give advice and information about the services in your community to help victims of crime. Monday to Friday, 8:30 AM to 7:30 PM.

Victim Services - Phone - 1-604-660-5199, Fax - 1-604-660-5340 Website: Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Victoria Women's Transition House Society - 250-385-6611 (Crisis Line)

Emergency shelter, information, support and counseling for abused women with or without their children. 24 hour crisis line.

Women Using Violence Counseling Program - 250-889-4930

For women who use violence towards an intimate partner.

Elder Abuse is any action or inaction perpetrated by a person in a position of trust, which jeopardizes the health and well-being of an elderly person.

Elder Abuse includes

  • Physical Abuse
  • Psychological/Emotional Abuse
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Financial Abuse or Exploitation
  • Medication Abuse
  • Violation of Civil/Human Rights
  • Active or Passive Neglect

Elder Abuse is usually perpetrated by a family member, a friend, a staff member in a residential setting, or anyone the elderly person relies upon for care. Elder abuse may also arise through a stranger who befriends an older person and manages to gain their trust. While victimization of our elders by anyone is tragic, the power of Elder Abuse is extreme. The damaging effects of Elder Abuse are tied to the complexities of any relationship of trust or dependency and compounded by the vulnerabilities that ageing brings.

To add to the problem, an elderly person may be reluctant to report criminal activity or the fact that they are victims themselves. This may be because of embarrassment, an effort to maintain their independence or a notion that no one will listen. If a family member is the source of the problem, the older person may fear reprisal from the immediate family or may simply be unwilling to hurt or embarrass a family member by reporting. Seniors may also feel isolated or lack the resources physically, mentally, emotionally or financially, to remove themselves from a bad situation.

The Saanich Police can help in situations of Elder Abuse and can intervene on behalf of any victim. If you would like to report a crime of Elder Abuse call Saanich Police at 475-4321.

For more information on Elder Abuse check this link:
BC Institute Against Family Violence. Their focus is to eliminate victimization of all family members, particularly those who are more vulnerable than others because of their gender, sex, race, ethnicity, culture, religion, physical condition, developmental capacity, mental health, age, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status or related condition.

Also see our Community Contacts page, for important resources for seniors in our community.

Being the victim of a crime is always unpleasant but it can be particularly difficult for older adults and seniors. At the Saanich Police we work to recognize the concerns of the seniors in our community. We understand that we have a responsibility not only to solve crimes against seniors, but to help prevent crime and respond to senior's needs if they are targeted as victims.


Information Pages

Elder Abuse

Senior Safety

Current Scams

Community Contacts

A large component of our prevention effort is dedicated to providing seniors with the information they need to recognize common or known types of crimes targeted specifically at them. We are also committed to providing information and resources to help our community deal effectively with Elder Abuse.

The Saanich Police provides information for follow-up support for crime victims by facilitating access to community partners trained to help seniors deal with the impact of crime.

Please use the links above to access this information.

Senior Safety Information. The Canada Safety Council's web site has a section dedicated to this topic.  It deals specifically with Home Adaptation, Medication, Street Smarts for Senior Pedestrian Safety and the Elderly Driver.

A tip line has been set up to assist those seeking information regarding the property associated to this investigation.

By calling our non-emergency line: 250-475-4321 and entering extension 2100, callers will be directed to a voice mail box, whereby an officer will review those messages and return calls.



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