#1358 Sue 2017-05-24 23:16
I have a question regarding a condo building and a neighbor who constantly smokes marijuana. It wafts up to my unit and I have been getting physically ill.
What do I do?

Saanich Police Response:

Have you tried speaking with your neighbour? Perhaps they are not aware of the effects they are having on others. Failing that, I would suggest contacting the Condo Board. Many apartment buildings have smoking policies/bylaws .
#1357 RK 2017-05-23 13:25

Some friends and I are interested in playing music in a house in Saanich. The playing will be indoors, but since acoustic drums and other rock instruments are involved, it would be loud enough to be heard outside the house. How late is too late to be playing music at a reasonable volume?

Saanich Police Response:

Hi RK. The Noise Bylaw in Saanich does not stipulate any time-frame where noises are permitted. Simply that no one may cause a noise that disturbs the neighbourhood. I would suggest that, in order to avoid any issues, you speak with your neighbours to see what is acceptable etc.
#1356 Chris 2017-05-15 22:21
How close is my neighbour allowed to park his camping trailer to my house? It is currently a mere 2 feet away from my house. It's so close that when he backs it in me and the other neighbours all watch in shock because it looks like he's going to take out my house.

I called Saanich about parking and they gave a blunt "your neighbour can park his trailer on his property" response. But there must be a perimeter or distance rule from actual homes. Where do I start to find the answer to this?

Saanich Police Response:

These issues would be handled by the Saanich Bylaw Department. You can reach them at 250-475-1775
#1355 Jimmy 2017-05-15 13:56
Hello SPD,

I experienced a near miss accident this morning with myself as a pedestrian and a vehicle at the Cook/Quadra/Clo verdale intersection. I was crossing Cook st from the north side and the pedestrian light was 'walk' when a vehicle approached the intersection turning right from Cook onto Quadra northbound. The vehicle had a red light and did not stop for the light nor yield to me crossing the street on the walk signal. The driver did not appear to look to the right at all.

I have lived in this neighbourhood for a few years and this situation has happened numerous times. Many drivers are turning right from Cook onto Quadra without stopping for the red light and looking to the right for pedestrians. They are focusing their attention on merging into the northbound traffic and looking left the entire time.

I am requesting that you assess the intersection and conduct enforcement for drivers failing to stop for the red light and failing to yield to pedestrians.

Thank you

Saanich Police Response:

Hi Jimmy. Thanks for the information and we're glad no one was injured as a result.

This intersection is one of our identified high collision locations, and as a result does receive more enforcement attention. I will forward your comments to the Traffic Section for their continued attention.

If, in the future, a similar event occurs, please don't hesitate to complete a Traffic Complaint on our website. These go directly to the Traffic Section and each complaint is acted on.
#1354 Sharlene 2017-05-07 07:43
I am very proud of your officers for taking part in the flash mob dance last week. Getting involved in your community and having fun is important and you all deserve a pat on the back for all the good you do. Thank you for your hard work. The officers looked amazing. I am very proud to live on the Island!

Saanich Police Response:

Thanks! It's always fun to participate in school activities like this and build better bonds within our communities.
#1353 Nicole 2017-05-03 17:52
The tenant who lives downstairs from the suite I rent frequently plays music loud enough that the vibrations from the bassline cause my floors and windows to shake. It's significantly louder thank I would consider reasonable, but when I ask him to turn it down he states that because it's before 11pm, he's within his rights to listen to music at whatever volume he wants. I'm having trouble finding bylaw information that gives me clear direction on what's acceptable here. Would this be a legitimate situation to make a noise complaint?

Saanich Police Response:

Yes, you can contact the complaint desk to make a noise complaint. It may be worth while to speak with the landlord to see if the situation can be resolved without bylaw officers.

I would refer you to Section 3 of the Noise Suppression Bylaw which is linked below.
#1352 Tim 2017-04-24 09:50
In Saanich there are some streets with pullouts in front of every two or three houses to allow for parking as there are signs prohibiting parking on these streets otherwise. Are there any restrictions on local residents using these for permanent parking? Some of these parking spots seem to be inside property lines of individual owners - are there easements in place with the city denoting these pull outs? If so, what are the owner's rights in dealing with cars owners who create a nuisance(i.e. littering, leaking fluids, etc.)when they are parked in these spots where the spot actually is inside the home owner's property line in front of their houses Also what are the rights of these owners when other neighbourhood residents/tenan ts think they can park here on a semi permanent basis?

Saanich Police Response:

I would refer you to the Streets and Traffic Bylaw for specifics. However, a common misconception is that the property line extends to the edge of the roadway. There is an area adjacent to the roadway that extend some distance that is for utility right-of-way etc and is referred to a boulevard. Parking is prohibited off the paved portion of the roadway as this is a boulevard.

If there is a paved pull-out, then parking may be permitted subject to the bylaws. Vehicles that are left for longer than 72 hours, or are leaking fluids are prohibited.

If you would like to obtain specific answers relative to the area you are concerned with, I would suggest that you call the Department and ask to speak with the Parking Enforcement Bylaw Officer during normal business hours.
#1351 Sibylle 2017-04-22 09:29
Can you let me know where a tour bus can park overnight in the Greater Victoria area. I have been trying to find information on this and couldn't find anything. Thank you.

Saanich Police Response:

Overnight storage of buses and certain commercial vehicles is not permitted on public roads in Saanich. Certain businesses may be able to accommodate this need, but the onus would be on the person responsible for the bus to arrange that.
#1350 Joanne 2017-04-21 19:35
Bikes and kids scooters are left at my store very often. How long before they are considered abandoned? Or how long do I have to hold onto them before I can either get rid of or keep them?

Saanich Police Response:

If the bikes are left on private property, the the owner/occupier can store them at their own discretion in an effort to return them to the owner. The Police Department will come an collect abandoned bikes on request. We can then compare them to a list of stolen/lost bikes and try to return them to their rightful owners. If we are unable to do so, then they are either auctioned or donated to charitable causes.
#1349 Jean 2017-04-17 06:25
Hi; how long is a vehicle allowed to stay parked in one spot on the road? We have people parking and deliberately causing issues for residents and local businesses. What can I do about it? Also, where can I find it stated in the bylaw that if a vehicle moves two inches it can stay for another 72 hours? I don't see it in the bylaws. I see a vehicle may be parked for 72 hours, period. No where do I see a vehicle may move two inches forward it can sit for another 72 hours. Could you explain this to me please? Many thanks,

Saanich PD Responded:

The bylaw states you cannot store your vehicle on a roadway for more than 72 hours. I would imagine that there is legal mumbo-jumbo in regards to the definition of "store" and if the vehicle is "stored" if the owner moves it. I would recommend you call in and ask to speak to the Parking Enforcement office to discuss with an expert.
#1348 Caroline 2017-04-12 13:59
The traffic light at intersection of Burnside & McKenzie during rush hour traffic (4:00 - 6:30) needs immediate attention! Last night I sat in line on McKenzie for a 1/2 hour at that time trying to get to the No 1. When I finally got to the light at Burnside, there were only TWO cars waiting to cross. Let at least 25 cars get through on McKenzie before the Burnside light changes and people on McKenzie should not need to let Burnside cars merge in there either after waiting SO long for that light. Grossly unfair to working people just needing to get home after a long day! Thanks for your attention to this!

Saanich PD responded:

The Police Department does not control the traffic signals or configuration of roads. Please contact the Engineering Department to discuss your concerns.
#1347 Ray 2017-04-11 20:10
Neighbors are parking on off street parking pad(private property). Am I able to have them towed?

Saanich PD responded:

I'm sorry, there's not enough information for me to help you online. Please call in to speak with a Parking Enforcement officer to discuss your concerns.
#1346 Anonymous 2017-04-05 07:26
Does Saanich Police make surveillance cameras available to bust illegal garbage dumping? Bylaws department does not. What can be done to stop such an activity which has been ongoing and dangerous to folks concerned in this Saanich property?

Saanich PD Responded:

Both Bylaws and Police have a multitude of tools and techniques available to investigate all sorts of crime. If you have a complaint in regards to illegal dumping, I suggest you contact the Bylaws Department and initiate a complaint.
#1345 Garbage dumpers 2017-04-05 07:22
At the entrance to a community farm in Saanich there has been illegal dumping of garbage since January. At first the farmers and folks working there have gone through the garbage and then disposed of it ourselves at our own homes, just to get rid of the unsightliness along a major through road leading to the high school and close to the highway. The bags contained backpacks, children's clothing, various tools like screwdrivers, plastic knives and forks, salt, pepper and sugar small envelopes - kind that you get at fast food places,used food cans, etc.
After putting up a sign there it disappeared for a while and now the dumper(s) are back with frequent dumping up to 3 x during the last week.
This was reported to Saanich Bylaws yesterday. What are we to do? Would it be good for Saanich Police and Bylaws to work together on this as it might be of interest to Saanich Police? Bylaws advised us to move it to the sidewalk where they could pick it up. We are advised not to go through the contents because it can be dangerous. In the past racoons got into it and that made an even larger mess. This is costly to the municipality to come and pick it up. Taxpayers eventually suffer too if it continues. Does Saanich police make security cameras available for this purpose?

Saanich Police Responded:

The Bylaw Department will investigate this matter and liaise with Police if required.
#1344 P 2017-04-03 22:18
I applaud your continued efforts to ticket those using their devices whilst driving. Keep doing it... every day... seriously!

Could one of your cars do a stake out at the Karaoke Bar and Tropical Restaurant one night? Very expensive cars choose to assemble there from 10pm to 2am and will often go out racing on shelbourne or rev their engines... or simply drive around like lonely assholes. Ive approached the owner who merely stated its a car club and he can't do anything about the noise.
I really wish there was a law again cherry bomb mufflers and straight pipes.

Saanich PD Responded:

1. Thank you, targeting distracted drivers is one of our traffic safety priorities.

2. I will forward your note about the vehicles to our Traffic Safety Unit. Modifying vehicles in any manner may not be legal, especially in a manner that effects the performance, noise, and pollution limiting effects of the exhaust systems.
#1343 Nas 2017-04-03 09:29
I understand street parking on our "residential parking only" street is pretty much open to anyone living/visiting residents on our street. However, I am feeling harassed by my neighbour who feels entitled to exclusively park her guests' cars in front of our house.
I have put up security cameras, and monitored the situation for a few months. I have footage in abundance to show that either their guests would take up the whole space, or one car would park in the middle so no one else can park in front of our house. One time when I parked my car in front of our house, they parked so close to my car that the bumpers touched - I took pictures but did not call the police/insuranc e as there was no damage.

I understand this kinda personal drama, but was wondering if there are any resources that could help us.

Saanich PD Responded:

Public parking on streets is just that, public. There are other rules concerning the manner in which you park your vehicle, however no one can control who uses street parking so long as it is in compliance with the bylaws and Motor Vehicle Act.
#1342 Sleepless 2017-03-30 02:14
There is a visitor (I'm assuming) that has been leaving the townhouse complex next door around 2 am. The car has one of those incredible loud exhaust attachments. I have been woken because of the noise that this driver creates the past several nights, even with my windows closed and my bedroom being on the other side of the house. Do I try to copy down the license plate to report it? How are these mufflers legal?

Saanich Police Responded:

Often modifications made to vehicle exhaust systems are not legal. There are also bylaws in regards to noise, depending on the reasonableness of that noise (ie a diesel truck may be loud, but so long as the driver is using the vehicle in a reasonable manner, it could be okay).

If you feel that a bylaw or the motor vehicle act is being violated, then please contact the report desk. I would also suggest contacted the strata board of the townhouse as they may have rules as well.
#1341 Ian 2017-03-23 02:42
Hello I'm writing to ask what my rights are at a DUI roadblock. Do I have to answer all questions being asked by said officer? Such as " where I'm coming from / going to, where i work, have I had anything to drink? Having nothing to worry about I don't mind answering said questions, but not when the officer in question is power tripping hardcore. Just asking what my rights are in the scenario, and what answers I HAVE TO ANSWER before being on my way. Thanks in advance

Saanich Police Responded:

You are required to produce a driver's license, vehicle registration and insurance when asked to do so by police. And you are required to answer questions in regards to satisfying the officer of your identity, as well as the validity of the documents.

A police officer is permitted by law to ask questions of any person in order to fulfill their duties as a police officer, however no person is required to speak to the police unless it is otherwise required (see above).

A Counterattack roadblock is one of the reasons the courts have decided where it is lawful for the police to randomly stop motorists to check for their sobriety as it serves the greater good.
#1340 Shelley 2017-03-21 19:47
Hello wondering about parking by a super box. We live on a street that has a mail box right in front of our house. Sometimes a car is parked on the street where it is close to mail box but still room to pull over so others can get their mail. However someone keeps leaving notes on our car that threatens towing if we park there again. They even came to our house once( when only daughter was home) to say move your vehicle. Is this an annoying neighbour or is there regulations about parking near a mail box? Thanks

Saanich Police Responded:

If there are no other bylaws (signs or painted curbs etc), then it should be okay to park near a mailbox.
#1339 luke 2017-03-14 15:31

In the case of an intersection not have any traffic control devices like lights, stop lines or stop sign who has the right of way? One example would be Palmer and Cumberland road in Saanich which intersect. They have no markings or sign and are both 2 lane roads.

Saanich PD Responded:

If the vehicles arrive simultaneously, then the vehicle to your right has the right of way. However, if one vehicle is already in the intersection, then that vehicle has the right of way.

This rule also applies at 4 way stops, or at intersections with traffic lights that are flashing red, or not working.
#1338 Jana 2017-03-12 05:30
Hi, I live in view royal. I would like to know how to deal with noise regarding in my neighbourhood. This neighbour plays here music at any given hours. She could be playing it after midnight or at 4am. Most of the neighbours have gone to talk to her but she does absolutely nothing about it. I had my limit of being waken up or staying up listen to her music. Could you suggest what the next step is for this to stop. We all need our good night sleep! Thanks

Saanich Police Responded:

You would need to contact the View Royal Bylaw Department or the RCMP for advice.
#1337 Concerned Renter 2017-02-18 04:31
Hello, I have a quick question about off street parking. I live in a house on a street and I have to use off street parking for my vehicle. Is it illegal if someone parks in front of my house where I park? I had to park at my neighbors front of his house due to someone always taking my spot, any input on this topic would be appreciated, what can I do?

Saanich Police Responded:

Where permitted, parking on the street is public parking. Anyone can park in front of your house, or your neighbours, regardless of where they live. Parking in a driveway or parking lot is private parking and is controlled by the property owner.
#1336 mick 2017-02-14 18:33
Regarding noise by-laws. Is there a difference between riding or revving a motorcycle if working on it in your yard and having gas powered tools like lawnmowers/weed wackers? If someone can run a lawnmower and weed wacker why can't I play loud music? A homeowner doesn't need a permit to cut their lawn inside of the noise by-law hours. There is so much noise in the day so in theory playing music with a sub would be legal?

Saanich Police Responded:

This question would be better answered by Bylaw Enforcement. However I would imagine that the spirit behind the bylaw is that mowing your lawn and keeping your property in decent shape benefits the whole community, while loud music and vehicles are not. The disturbance of your music does not outweigh the benefits.
#1335 Neighbour 2017-02-09 07:02
I live near a home the does a very popular Christmas light display every year. Many of he lawns near the property have been rutted and ruined from visitors
parking to view it. It is especially bad at the corner of Tuxedo and Mc Briar. Who is responsible for the repair ?

Saanich Police Responded:

That is a question better suited for a civil litigation lawyer unfortunately. That being said; the parking bylaws prohibit persons from parking off the roadway. This is referred to as "Parking on a Boulevard".
#1334 john 2017-01-19 16:59
I have a question about noise bylaws. an answer say construction noise is permitted from 7am to 9pm yet someone can't ride a dirtbike on their property in that time? Construction noise can be ore annoying.

Saanich Police Responded:

Specific questions in regards to bylaws may be better answered by the Bylaws Dept.

In reading the noise bylaw, the exemption for construction states the work must be in accordance with a proper permit.
#1333 Curious 2017-01-13 19:05
Just curious if it is illegal to dumpster dive here in Victoria.

Saanich Police Responded:

Each municipality has their own specific rules, but generally it is illegal. In Saanich, the Garbage Collection and Disposal Bylaw specifically prohibits that behaviour.

The CRD also has bylaws prohibiting going through roadside recycle bins.
#1332 Alyssa 2017-01-12 08:26
what number do I call about students parking on a residential street. Midgard by uvic is jammed up with students parking on the street, when there are multipule signs that say no parking. my garbage didn't get picked up because of this, same with the people across the street.

Saanich Police Responded:

Hi Alyssa. Saanich has a parking enforcement unit which is administered through the Police Department. You can call the complaints desk at 250-475-4321 Option 1 when those vehicles are there and they will send a bylaw officer.
#1331 David 2017-01-04 08:52
I live in Cadboro Bay. I see in a news item that the Calgary Police have a Speed Watch Program that allows community volunteers to accompany a police officer to measure the speed of traffic on a neighbourhood street of concern. Does Saanich offer such a program? If not, who could I contact to try to initiate it? Thank You & here is the link to the article:

Saanich Police Responded:

Thanks David for the information. No we do not have such a program. I have forwarded your message to our Traffic Division.
#1330 C. 2016-12-30 11:02
My ex husband stole my credit card and made an expensive purchase. The credit card company will not do anything because he knows the PIN. Can I press charges through the police?

Saanich Police Responded:

Without knowing all the details, I would encourage you to contact our report desk and have a police officer investigate to determine if an offence has occurred.
#1329 Kevin 2016-12-26 08:00
Hi Saanich Police,
Can you settle a long discussion (argument?) in my family? Is it required to signal a turn when road names change and the road turns, but the "natural" road is continuing? This may be a unique situation in Saanich. If you turn off Telegraph Bay Rd. onto Seaview Rd and then head up the hill, the road turns left onto Tudor Ave while going straight leads you onto Sea View Rd. Some members of my family believe that as they are turning onto a new road, they are required to signal. However, the road lines continue unbroken around the corner from Seaview Rd to Tudor AVe, so others feel it is misleading to signal at this point (as it might indicate you are turning into a driveway). I hope the question is clear.

Thank you,

Saanich Police response:

Rock, Paper, Scissors is a great way to settle most disagreements. But in this case the answer is clear and it is not required to signal as you are continuing along the natural right-of-way. You are only required to signal when your vehicles turn may affect other traffic.
#1328 Luke 2016-12-26 00:59
Most mornings I notice the drive thru traffic at the Tim Hortons on Shelbourne near Blair is blocking access into the parking lot for many businesses. There is a sign in the parking lot asking the drive thru traffic not to block the main laneway of the parking lot, but obviously that is being ignored. Is this the business (ie Tim Hortons) responsibility to enforce or Saanich PD as it blocks both traffic turning left and right off of Shelbourne. It can be very frustrating when I need to access that parking lot off the Shelbourne side and have to wait for over 5 minutes to turn left when jerks can't park their cars and walk into the store for their double double and instead choose to inconvenience the rest of us by blocking access.

Saanich Police response:

Unfortunately this is the responsibility of the property owners, not the police.
#1327 Patsy 2016-11-21 18:47
Hi, thank you for providing this great service. I live on Davida Ave and the parking is absolutely jammed sometimes. People from other streets park here, often on the road. How do we go about getting residential parking rules? Thanks alot.

Saanich Police response:

Residential parking signs, unfortunately, would not prohibit other residents from the neighbourhood from parking on your street. In any event, the Engineering Department at Municipal Hall sets parking zones.
#1326 C. 2016-11-11 16:19
I wanted to say thanks to the officer who pulled me over at Tolmie & Alder on Nov.11. He was patient with my vintage car that required special attention and explained my options clearly. He turned what could have been a nightmare situation into a minor incident/learni ng experience. He put up with my feisty nature until we had everything figured out. I appreciate meeting officers who are willing to talk and reason with civilians, it breaks the preconception that officers are power-hungry or 'out to get you'.

Saanich Police response:

Thanks for the comment. I've passed it on to the Traffic Supervisor.
#1325 Ed P 2016-10-30 16:47
Hi, Saanich Police

Can you enlighten me as to when one can enter a left-turn lane separated from the through lanes by a solid white line? I'm referring to the left turn lane from McKenzie eastbound to turn left onto Shelbourne, where there is a driveway entrance to University Heights Centre. Can one enter after the line to the Centre? Is the situation changed if the solid white line has an opening after the driveway (reference: Cedar Hill Road northbound at Cedar Hill X)

Saanich Police response:


One may enter the lane where there is a break in the solid white line.

I am familiar with the area you describe - it and similar could use some re-configuratio n to improve the flow and safety of vehicle traffic. This is done through Engineering at Municipal Hall
#1324 Wendy O 2016-10-25 15:16
Hello, I recall seeing info a while ago on a youth police program; was this a spring break or summer opportunity? I can't remember if it was with Saanich or VicPD, are you familiar with something like this? Abbotsford has a program like this and it's aimed at youth who are interested in a career in policing.

Saanich Police Response:


For many years SPD took part in a spring break "police camp", but in recent years were unable to secure funding for this event. Although feedback and attendance were continually high, the unfortunate choice had to be made to discontinue the program.
#1323 Daryl 2016-09-15 14:05
Sage Lane is a Private Road.
Can a non resident of that street park on it for a short period. IE: 1 hour.
Thank you

Unless signage indicates otherwise, parking would be permitted as with any other street.
Having examined this locations via Google Street View, I believe signage is in place that prohibits parking along the roadway, at least in one portion.
#1322 Lindsay 2016-09-15 11:01
I was wondering if you could please clear up the bylaw surrounding parking on Rogers Avenue (and the cul-de-sac). As I am aware the signs state that there is to be no parking in between something like 8-9am and again from 2-3pm. I understand that this is because the residents don’t want their driveways blocked and I can fully understand that. However, I am wondering the rules about dropping off my children at the path located at the end of Rogers Ave at the cul-de-sac. The actual drop off for Rogers Elementary is usually very congested with a lot of parents ignoring the “no parking” rule at the circle. It has become so frustrating that I have been dropping off my children at the cul-de-sac instead. I make sure to never block a driveway and I am there (never getting out of my vehicle) for no more than 30 seconds.

Today I was approached by what I can only assume is a PAC member from Rogers telling me that I am not allowed to drop off my children there anymore. I wanted to ask you, the source, about whether or not I can continue to drop my children off at the cul-de-sac as I am never there for long and I am not actually parking.

Thank you for your time regarding this matter.


Under the motor vehicle act, "Park" is defined as: "when prohibited, means the standing of a vehicle, whether occupied or not, except when standing temporarily for the purpose of and while actually engaged in loading or unloading".

This allows for a vehicle to stop lawfully to the right side of the roadway, not blocking traffic or driveways, where no alternate signage prohibits this action (specific to drop off/pick up).

Conversely, "Stop (or stand)" is defined as: "(a) when required, a complete cessation from movement, and
(b) when prohibited, the stopping or standing of a vehicle, whether occupied or not, except when necessary to avoid conflict with other traffic or to comply with the directions of a peace officer or traffic control device".

At present, I am unaware of signage being in place in this specific location that prohibits either.
#1321 Karen 2016-09-14 22:07
I am moving into a condo on Ophir and Church street. Can I use the resident only parking on Ophir street? Do I need to purchase a decal to show I am a resident? How is this enforced? Thank you


Your vehicle is required to be registered to your residence, or, where it is most often parked. As we have access to these records, this is how we verify that vehicles are parked in accordance with the signage. Any guests who elect to park in these areas, should they be ticketed, can appeal and provide the details of the persons they were visiting while so parked.
Hope this accurately answers your question.
#1320 Frustrated Parent 2016-09-09 11:38
Cloverdale School has a passenger drop off zone on Linwood. Last year the school had seismic upgrades done and since then, the area has been a problem.

The Thriftys next to the school has taken to using the area as staff parking leaving no spaces for the parents to use. This is causing huge safety issues with vehicles parking on the residential side of this very narrow road and children darting across the street to get to the school. The school has signs posted but more importantly, there are signs posted high on the utility poles that clearly state... NO PARKING -- PASSENGER ZONE MON-FRI. I am relatively certain that these are municipality signs. Thriftys management has stated that there is no bylaw that restricts their employees from parking there but I would think that the signage would be all that is needed. I have called Saanich parking enforcement on more than one occasion but the calls have not been returned. Is there something else that can be done to solve this problem? Thanks for your time!


You are correct that these are municipal signs which restrict parking. I have personally contacted the parking enforcement and asked that they do their own examination of the problem to see if clear communication with area businesses and ticketing cannot return things to the previously smooth drop off.
#1319 Parker 2016-09-04 20:44

We have a resident on Elm Street who has just moved in and is the owner of a super bike... for four days in a row now, he has zoomed up and down the street at irritate speeds, often doing wheelies at all hours of the day or night. Our street if filled with children. Other than speaking with him personally, what else can we do to have him stop driving [in this manner]?


If you are otherwise unsuccessful, our Traffic Safety Unit is primarily responsible to deal with driving complaint, which you can make in person at our front counter, through our non-emergency line 250-475-4321, or through our online driving complaints form
#1318 Cathy 2016-08-24 19:51
Today at a red light, I was preparing to turn right onto Borden St from McKenzie and a cyclist rode up on the right of my vehicle on McKenzie and then swung in front of my vehicle, riding across McKenzie on the crosswalk. She did not stop on the sidewalk or even pause to cross in front of my vehicle. I had checked my right was clear, and then my left, the timing was such that she must have approach in that time it took me to look left. I saw her just in time to avoid proceeding with a right turn. Please advise if at a red light, should the cyclist stop, stand on the sideway and walk across the intersection at the cross walk? Of course I understand it is the primary responsibility to avoid cyclists and pedestrians despite the behaviour of either. Thank you.



You are correct, unless riding the bicycle in traffic and therefore operating as a vehicle (obeying all the rules for regular vehicles), the cyclist should have dismounted and crossed. Bicycles are not permitted to ride on sidewalks for a variety of safety reasons for all road users.

Luckily this near miss did not end up as it could have!
#1317 sleepyhead 2016-08-18 22:36
I have a question about noise bylaws. I live (condo building) directly behind a very popular restaurant near Cloverdale and Blanshard. They are open past midnight most nights. The crowd after 9:00 PM is rowdier and usually quite intoxicated. In addition to that the restaurant STAFF who hang outside the back (kitchen) door can be really loud and this can be up to an hour or more after closing! Is there any Saanich signage that allows for a bylaw "reminder"? This happens every summer. It is too hot to sleep with our windows closed. I call the restaurant and sometimes the hotel if it's after midnight but calling about 5 times every summer seems ridiculous. One would think that new staff would be informed of the noise bylaw!



This is a common issue where residential and mixed-commercia l use buildings intersect. My suggestion is to speak with our crime prevention officer, who can liaise with the business in question about suitable noise levels and how the noise suppression bylaw applies to them, and their clientele. With any hope, this will remedy the problem for the summer months and beyond.
#1316 Lindsay 2016-08-18 20:58
Hello - I was just wondering about parking restrictions on Saanich streets. There is a house on my block that has 3 vehicles parked outside of their fenced property. Rather than the vehicles being parked parallel with the road, the driver(s) of the cars either angle parks the cars, or more often reverse stall parks against their fence line. This leads to the front end of the vehicles sticking out of their property on about 1/3 of the residential street. One of the vehicles is a large cube van and visibility of the road gets greatly reduced when so much of the vehicle is out on the road. Can anything be done about this parking behaviour? Thanks!



I believe it would be best to make a parking complaint through our non-emergency line (250-475-4321), so that we can see for ourselves to determine a remedy. Please let us know the time of day that would most likely represent the problem.
#1315 Amanda 2016-08-12 07:31
I'm just wondering about noise by laws and specifically construction in a residential area. What time is machinery allowed to be operated starting at?



According to the Noise Suppression Bylaw, 1993, No. 7059 - construction noise is generally permitted Mon-Sat 7am to 9pm.
#1314 R 2016-08-11 08:35
I found a wallet and phone in the middle of Tillicum Rd, already run over. There is ID in it but its from out of town. Do I leave this with your office, give it to an officer, or take it to a bank or library? Tks.


Found property should be turned over to police. You can either stop in to see us at 760 Vernon Ave, or call our non-emergency line (250-475-4321) to report and have an officer come by to pick up the item.
#1313 Kristen 2016-07-18 17:10
I live on a residential street in Gordon Head that forks into 2 dead ends at its terminus. People are always taking the corners too fast, and there are many children in the neighborhood. How do we begin the process of requesting stop signs at this intersection?



Engineering at Saanich Municipal Hall is in control of this aspect of the community. Visit
or in person at 770 Vernon Ave.
#1312 Greg B 2016-07-14 21:21

Is there a speed limit for cyclists on Galloping Goose Trail? I saw a pack (peloton?) of 4 roaad cyclists tonight at the Burnside underpass heading to Selkirk Trestle, and they were going at least 35kph.



The Galloping Goose Trail belongs to the CRD. Checking their site I found a link to their brochure:

I am unable to find any speed limit, but note a "trail etiquette" to control speed; therefore nothing enforceable, per se.

I will send a note to our Bike Section to further their education and safety particularly for this location.
#1311 Leigh 2016-04-26 16:48
Wondering if it is legal for our neighbours to be running their kids dirt bikes up and down their private driveway/lane within Saanich? They have typical noisy engines, disgusting smelling exhaust and obviously no mufflers. Surely this isn't ok?! If not, is it a noise suppression issue we take up with Saanich Bylaw Enforcement or someone else?


Operation on private property is permitted; however, the noise suppression bylaw is enforceable at all hours. I suggest you have a chat with your neighbour and ask that they amend when they operate or take action to reduce the noise level. Failing a remedy through this route, feel free to contact our non-emergency line 250-475-4321 and we will gladly assist where possible.
#1310 bonnie 2016-04-19 16:15
I look after business propertys. In Victoria we had to post sigNs referring to the Bylaws, to give more enforcement for panhandling, soliciting, and loitering. Do we have to do the same in Saanich. Tx


Posted signs are not required for the bylaw to be enforced.
#1309 peggy j 2016-04-08 07:11
Good Morning
Just wanted to acknowledge a young police women I had contact with on April 6 around 10:15 am on Mckenzie Ave. She couldn't have been more helpful and more importantly kind to me. I am sorry I didn't get her name but in my thinking she is a "star".
Thank you so much!
Peggy J
#1308 Dale 2016-04-07 16:22
Just want to point out the latest hazard I see around, not only Saanich but, well, everywhere. This is becoming the 'new' 'proceed through amber light preventing left turns in t a timely manner at intersections.' I'm referring to crossing over centre lines around inside curves. Very often I approach opposite direction traffic with 'lazy' drivers crossing over centrelines on divided roadways encroaching on opposite travel lanes. This is VERY dangerous but I see it all the time. Do the police note an increase in this behaviour and are there plans to enforce this in future?


An increase in this behaviour has not been brought to our attention yet. Feel free to contact us through our driving complaints page and let us know of any specific areas you have noted this behaviour, and our Traffic Safety Unit can conduct assessment and avenues for enforcement.
#1307 Dale 2016-04-07 16:17
This forum is very informative, thanks for providing a valuable service.

I notice on approach to Mt Doug park on Shelbourne Street and towards the south end of Doncaster Drive from Cedar Hill road there are signs prohibiting vehicles over 10,000kg GVW and 5,500 kg GVW respectively from proceeding further. Are these weights Actual weights of the trucks on the road, or are they intended to be LICENSED GVW? And are these Regulation signs warranting a charge under the Motor Vehicle Act for contravening these weights?


These signs are for the vehicle actual weight, including load. The signs are enforceable. There is also a truck route bylaw in Saanich, where Shelbourne is the designated route, which turns into Cordova Bay Road through Mount Douglas Park.
#1306 Ray 2016-03-24 12:48

I have a two-part question:

1. In what circumstances do the police have the right to request ID from a person?

2. Does a person have the right to refuse to talk to police and/or produce ID?



This is a a more complicated matter than the question reflects.

Police may request ID from anyone, the must aspect is under certain conditions. A good resource is the BC Civil Liberties handbook, available online, for an appropriate and full response.
#1305 mick 2016-02-26 13:23

So I watch the show Cops and see people arrested for drug paraphernalia like brillo pads and meth pipes/bongs and needles ad scales. Is there anything like that in Canada and BC. Thanks


Drug paraphernalia can lead to seizure and charges, depending on the specifics - scales especially when investigating drug trafficking.
#1304 A G 2016-02-21 20:41

New residents have an extremely loud literal "garage band" that practices for hours at a time, sometimes quite late at night (after 10 pm). It is disturbing even inside my residence. Can this be addressed under the noise bylaw?


The noise suppression bylaw is in effect at all hours.
#1303 Dan 2016-02-11 19:53
Hi, I have a question about parking. On our street people park on street in front of houses where there is no sidewalk. Do people have a say who can park in front of their house or is it first come first serve?


Unless signage states "Residential Only" or other similar restrictions, parking is open to all. Even with those signs, it would not prevent your neighbour, per se, from parking in front of your house.
#1302 Tony 2016-02-01 11:18
Hi Saanich Police, This is the scenario:
I am driving on the left most lane on Blanshard street south bound. I have observed several vehicles speed up from the middle lane at the traffic stop on Pandora then immediately cut into the leftmost lane that I am driving on and make a stop to turn left on to Johnson Street.
My question: Because I am heading straight and not making the left is it illegal for motorists to do this? It increases the likelihood of rear end collision by other motorists - brake checking. Am I legally permitted to drive on this lane if I am moving straight (the left turn in unmarked. Its happened too many times to me.



From what you describe, the driving behaviour, although discourteous, appears within the MVA. Unless the lane is designated for left turn traffic only, you are permitted to drive straight through the intersection.
#1301 Parker 2016-01-29 16:14
Just wanted to say thank you to your team of police officers who are canvassing my neighbourhood and trying to bring down this a**hole who has committed such terrible crimes.

Several officers were sweeping through Pear, Elm and Church street and were extremely courteous... even knocked on our door to let us know they were out and about our house...

A few hours later, a police officer came canvassing to take statements. We were not much help but more so, we were thankful that you guys are working so hard to bring this guy in. Good luck and thank you for all your hard work!
#1300 Greg 2016-01-29 15:22
Hi. When turning right into the Uptown parking garage off of Saanich Rd., the right-hand lane is marked with a diamond indicating a bus lane. Could you please clear up for me when a vehicle other than a bus is and is not allowed to be in a marked bus lane? (This is one example of a 'newer' road marking that has been introduced since my driver training 35 years ago...). Thank-you.



The diamond sign designates buses only; however, at this particular location it is a bot confusing. Technically, this lane is to allow buses to pull out from the transit hub and travel straight through Oak Street, as there is an advanced light for transit at this intersection. Vehicle traffic is supposed to stay left of this lane, right up till the broken white line, but this leaves little room to maneuver to the right, so many drivers cross the bike lane (solid white line, which is technically illegal to cross) far sooner. The fault of this set-up has been brought to engineering's attention.

If you wish to refresh yourself on BC's driving rules, including signs, I recommend the ICBC learner's guide:
#1299 Kyle 2016-01-10 16:16
Can you provide clarification for your response to Jimmy on 2015-06-10 (

Jimmy is describing crossing Blenkinsop at Judge Pl which is an intersection. Based on the BC MVA defintion of a crosswalk, there are three unmarked crosswalks at this intersection. One crossing Judge and two crossing Blenkinsop at the north and south side of the Judge Pl roadway. Section 179(1) says a pedestrian in these crosswalks has the right of way subject to 179(2). So long as Jimmy isn't stepping into the crosswalks such that the motorists would not be able to stop in time, he is well within the law to cross here and not have to wait for a break in traffic as you suggest. The answer you gave seems to interpret the situation he described as falling under section 180 which I find confusing.



The MVA can be hard to interpret, as one often must rely on several sections to get a full answer, and there have been discussions at the government level of making the MVA more user-friendly. That said, we will attempt to clarify our previous response:

You are correct that these are considered unmarked crosswalks. Although this permits pedestrians to cross and vehicles are supposed to yield to pedestrians, this does not mean that every unmarked crossing is a safe location to cross.

In our response to Jimmy "...pedestrian must wait for a break in traffic when crossing anywhere other than a crosswalk", I am speaking about mid-block, not in an unmarked crosswalk.

We are familiar with this intersection, and it can be difficult pulling out in a vehicle, let alone attempting to cross on foot. When it comes down to right-of-way, technicality does not mean a pedestrian will win a battle against a vehicle (the car always wins). This is where it is hard to decide when it is safe to cross, as the sight-lines do not offer much (if any) margin of error, and why we suggested finding a safer location that offers more visibility.

Hope this clarifies.
#1298 Margaret W 2015-12-24 13:45
Dear Road Integrated Safety team:
I had the pleasure of participating in several road-side stops over the Christmas season (on Blanshard, Pat Bay Highway and Mount Doug Parkway). I want to say THANK-YOU to your members for their good conduct and professionalism ---but most of all, THANK-YOU for keeping our roads safe---it is not the easiest of tasks---but your members are fulfilling their roles appropriately-- -and it is a comfortable feeling for me to know that you are out there, so that all may enjoy a safe holiday season. I wish you all a very merry Christmas and a wonderful new year.
#1297 Juan 2015-12-11 16:00
Is it legal to block out your personal details on your insurance papers? I only ask, because of the risk if a car is stolen with a garage opener then the thief could have access to your now known address.

We have seen this done for similar reasons. There is not a specific offense for it, and police can verify your address in other ways. One option is to keep a photocopy with the address blocked out in the vehicle, and carry the originals with you or hide the originals within the vehicle.
#1296 vic 2015-12-07 17:04
Are people allowed to walk through my unfenced backyard as a shortcut to get to my street? Behind my house is a cul-de-sac. Once in awhile someone walking from the cul-de-sac cuts through my property as a shortcut to get to street in fornt of my house - walking right by my living room window and in between cars in my driveway.

The short answer is NO. You may be able to remedy it by speaking with the individual; however, signs, fencing and landscaping are far more clear the route is not open as a right of way.
#1295 Scott 2015-11-27 15:04

if I drive with ANY controlled drug ,weather street or prescribed, in my system, can I get a DUI? Are there any exempt? By the way, no i don't drive while on drugs, I have a friend who sometimes drives after weed.


Saanich Police receives and investigates reports of people driving impaired by drug(s).

Although far lower instance than impaired by alcohol, driving while impaired by drug still happens frequently and is actively enforced by all police. This can be street drug, over-the-counte r (OTC), or prescribed drugs. As you have likely noted many cold medications warn to not drive or operate equipment when taking that medication.

Many prescribed drugs also impair one's ability to drive.

As for street drugs: one would think it is common sense; however, people just do not seem to understand the risk they are putting other road users and themselves in!

Driving while impaired by drug is illegal. Full stop.
#1294 Leh 2015-11-05 15:43

I had an individual getting upset at me for parking behind the sidewalk on a lawn section of a friends yard. I didn't cross the sidewalk and drove into the driveway then onto the lawn as to not block anyone in. Is this illegal? The individual was a neighbour. My tires were ~50cm from the sidewalk.




Vehicles cannot be parked on the boulevard, which is the portion of land parallel to the roadway that the Municipality technically owns. Look for utility poles and boxes which sit on "city" land (ranges from almost none to 6' or more). For your specific scenario - check out the Saanich GIS maps available through and toggle the layers to show property lines and road edges. This will give you an idea where your friends' property begins/ends.
#1293 Chris 2015-11-04 15:00

I have a question about vehicle exhaust. I'm looking for information about side exit exhaust (before the rear tire). I haven't been able to find any information about the legalities of side exit exhaust on a car in the MVA:

(1)A motor vehicle propelled by an internal combustion engine shall be equipped with an exhaust muffler consisting of a series of pipes or chambers which ensures that the exhaust
gases from the engine are cooled and expelled without excessive noise.

(2) Cut-outs prohibited
- No person shall drive or operate a motor vehicle propelled by an
internal combustion engine when the muffler with which the vehicle is equipped is cut out or disconnected from the engine.

(3) Part removal prohibited
- No person shall drive or operate a motor vehicle propelled by an internal combustion engine equipped with a muffler from which has been removed any
baffle plate or other part.

(4) Alteration prohibited
- No person shall drive or operate a motor vehicle propelled by an internal combustion engine equipped with a muffler the exhaust outlet of which has been opened or widened.

(5)Noise increase or flames prohibited
- No person shall drive or operate a motor vehicle propelled by an internal combustion engine equipped with a muffler or exhaust system to
which is attached any device which increases the noise of the expulsion of the gases from the engine or allows a flame to be emitted from the exhaust system.
[am. B.C. Reg. 29/59.]

There is a section in commercial vehicles:

"In addition to the requirements of section 7.03, every commercial passenger vehicle shall be equipped with an airtight metal exhaust pipe and muffler which carries the exhaust gases to a point beyond the body skirt of the vehicle."




You have checked the appropriate areas, and I have further checked the Canada Motor Vehicle Safety Regulations. So long as all the components of the exhaust remain intact, the noise level remains within legal limits, and the outlet does not protrude too far from the side of the vehicle... I cannot quote any legislation that prevents side exhaust. That said, you'll have to be mindful if that exhaust has the ability to enter into the passenger cabin (proximity to windows)? Alterations of this extent will likely require an inspection certificate from a licensed facility.
#1292 mack 2015-10-16 18:21
HI yes I was wondering about winter tire laws. When and where do they apply. I mean would they be required on a road that is a bit frosty? Where does the law on tires apply, only when the road becomes a federal highway?



Winter tires are required on specific routes, which are to be clearly marked by government posted signs with the dates they are required.

More information can be found at

and about winter tires under the MVA here
#1291 Sebastian 2015-09-29 08:59
My vehicle has been towed from my own stall at my apartment. No notice was given prior to nor after the towing. I had removed the plates because I was in the process of transferring ownership (was to be finalized the next morning). Were they within their legal rights to seize my vehicle with no warning nor any notice afterwards?



An owner of private property has the right to tow any vehicle from it, however this becomes a civil matter between the property owner and the vehicle owner. The tow company should be able to tell you who ordered the vehicle removed, and you can follow up from there.
#1290 Gwen G 2015-09-28 07:27
I live on a street that has residential parking. There is a nearby house that parks 7 large vans used for business on the road. Is there any bylaws limiting the number of cars per residence?



Check out the Saanich streets and traffic regulation bylaw, which deals with parking ( ). Unless there are signs limiting parking for duration, to residents only, or the vehicles are over sized and/or blocking access, I do not see an offense occurring. You can always call our non-emergency line (250-475-4321) and speak with our parking commissionaire to assist with your concern.
#1289 Kate 2015-09-24 20:13
Is it a traffic violation if a driver speeds up to block my car trying to merge onto the highway? Because of the speed required when joining a 90km/hr speed zone, this could have resulted in an accident were it not for my defensive driving. I was shaken and distressed by this incident so after driving on and having an opportunity to speak with said driver while at a traffic stop I took it. I let him know I was upset and he said it was my responsibility to yield at the merge. I disagree since a merge isn't possible if the oncoming traffic blocks the entering cars. I want to know if his driving behaviour is reportable since it was so scary for me.
Thank you!



The concept of moving over when a vehicle is attempting to merge onto the highway is one of courtesy, not law. That said, the driving behaviour explained could be described as unsafe, with undue care and attention, or without consideration (or a combination of these) which is covered by s.144 MVA.

To answer your question: yes, this is a reportable event, which can be done through our non-emergency line or through our driving complaints form, whereby a traffic member will review the report and follow up as necessary.

Special thanks to for hosting