The Saanich Police is committed to increasing the use of Alternative Measures as stated in our Strategic Plan (Objective 4.5).

Saanich Community Justice Initiatives is an innovative out of court process to deal with an offence. It is an alternative to the traditional justice system and is based on Restorative Justice practices. The victim is central to the process, the accused is held accountable for their behaviour and dialogue among all persons involved in the incident is encouraged.

The program has three models, each model varies in who participates in the process:

  1. Community Conferencing;

  2. Resolution Meetings; and

  3. Alternative Measures.

Who is eligible?

  • Those who could be charged for an offence by the Saanich Police;

  • The accused must acknowledge and take full responsibility for their behaviour;

  • The accused must be willing to comply with the conditions of a Community Justice Agreement; and

  • Cases are referred to the John Howard Society, Community Justice Program by the Saanich Police.

For more information on Saanich Community Justice Initiatives contact the John Howard Society of Victoria or the Saanich Police 250-475-4321.

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