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Joint statement released Monday, September 11, 2017

Saanich Police Board and Saanich Police Chief Constable Robert Downie


Following a distinguished 35-year career with the Saanich Police Department, Chief Constable Robert Downie announced his plans to retire from the Saanich Police Department within the next two years.

Subsequently, the Board and Chief Constable Downie entered into a new employment relationship under the terms and conditions set forth in an Employment Agreement.  Chief Constable Downie will continue in his role for two years, working with the Saanich Police Board to lead the department through this important transition period and the hiring of a new police chief.

The terms of the agreement provide for a two-year term, commencing on August 1, 2017 and ending on July 31, 2019, with a provision for a third term (ending on July 31, 2020).  This position is full time with a fixed annual salary of $222,711; benefits, reimbursement of expenses incurred as part of performing the duties of the office, vacation and other leaves of absence.

Police Board Chair, Mayor Richard Atwell, commended the Chief for his dedication to the Saanich Police Department for his entire 35-year career and said, “Today, we are particularly thankful to Chief Downie for his commitment to stay on the job and to help ensure a smooth transition through to the hiring of a new chief.”

Chief Downie said, "I wanted to give advance notice to ensure that the Saanich Police Department  continues to earn and enjoy the respect of our community and that we remain known as an employer of choice to the best of the best who are seeking a career in policing.  I'm happy to extend to a third-term, at the discretion of the Board.  My main concern is for the women and men, in uniform and civilians, who come to work every day ready to keep our community compassionate and secure."

The Saanich Police Board is appreciative of the two year working notice and looks forward to its continued working relationship with Chief Constable Downie and the members of the Saanich Police Department.

Mayor Richard Atwell

Chief Constable Robert A. Downie

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