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Insurance documents and a garage door opener were taken in a series of theft from autos over the weekend. Overnight Friday, May 6th, there were three thefts from autos in the high Quadra area near Tuxedo drive.

In these three instances, it appears the only items taken were vehicle insurance documents and a garage door opener. It does not appear that any force was used in any of the thefts, leading investigators to believe that the vehicles were unlocked.

It is a requirement of the Motor Vehicle Act to produce valid insurance and registration documents upon demand of a peace officer. This requirement does not mean the documents must remain in the car.

Some suggestions are:

  • · Keep your vehicle documents with your person and not in the vehicle
  • · Do not leave your documents in an obvious place in the vehicle like the glove box

The concern for investigators is that the loss of these documents may lead to potential fraud or impersonation related activities. These documents include a sample of your signature, your driver license number and your address.

As well, when paying for your insurance by the monthly payment plan, do not leave the banking information in the vehicle. This personal information could easily be used in a fraudulent manner.

Leaving garage door openers in the vehicle is never recommended. If a thief enters your vehicle they can view your address from your insurance and then take the garage door opener. It is also important to lock the internal door to the residence from the garage when leaving the house.


Yesterday, three shoplifters were arrested within about two hours at the Safeway at Tillicum Mall.  Then a fourth shoplifter was arrested later in the shift at Save On Foods.

At about 1:15pm, Safeway Security contacted the Saanich Police about a shoplifter that had been caught. A 19 year old male Victoria resident with a lengthy history with local agencies was arrested by Saanich Police.

At around 3:30pm a couple was seen hiding some items on their person. Both were detained by store staff and Saanich Police were contacted. Arrested were a 31 year old male and a 19 year old female, both of no fixed address.

Once police arrived, it was found that the woman had an outstanding warrant from the Victoria Police for Theft and Possession of Stolen Property.

Later in the same shift, at about 7:30pm, another shoplifter was detained by store security at the Save On Foods store on Blanshard street. Saanich Police responded and a 26 year old woman, a Saanich resident, was arrested. She was well known to police with a history of theft related offences.

“Although we see shoplifters daily, it is unusual to see so many in such a short period of time on the same shift,” says Sgt. Dean Jantzen.

All four suspects were charged with Theft Under $5000 and released with a Promise to Appear and Undertakings with conditions on their behaviour. The female with the outstanding warrant was transported to the Victoria Police headquarters and held in custody to appear in court.


On April 30th, at about 5:30pm, officers were called to investigate what was reported as a domestic situation in a vehicle near Douglas Street and McKenzie ave. Unfortunately, the vehicle departed the area prior to police arrival.

The vehicle was later tracked to a residence in the 1000 block of Tulip ave as the domestic issues continued. When police arrived, damage had been done to the vehicle and the female reported an assault. Both the boyfriend and girlfriend were taken into custody.

The woman, a 32 year old Victoria resident, was arrested for mischief related offences, having caused damage to the vehicle. The male, a 51 year old Saanich resident, was arrested for assault related offences. Both were returned to the Saanich Police headquarters.

While the female was in an interview room, the arresting officer entered to provide a telephone to access legal counsel. The door was open and the women attempted to escape the room past the officer. She was restrained and a struggle ensued.

During the struggle the officer was bitten on the upper arm. The bite caused bruising, broken blood vessels and scraping of the skin. The officer required first-aid to clean and treat the wound.

The woman was re-arrested and charges of Assaulting a Peace Officer were added. Both suspects were released on a Promise to Appear in court with conditions placed upon their behaviour.


The Saanich Police will be actively participating in this year’s Canada Road Safety Week starting at 12:01am, May 16th, to 11:59pm May 23rd. This is a national initiative of the Traffic Committee of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police.

This week has been chosen as it is the first ‘summer’ long weekend. More people will be travelling and there is a higher frequency of collisions. During this week, you will notice an increased presence of Saanich Police Patrol and Traffic Safety Unit officers monitoring our highways and local streets during this week.

The focus during Canada Road Safety Week will be on behaviours that reduce risk for drivers, passengers and other road users: sober and alert driving, seat belt use, and refraining from aggressive driving. Aggressive driving habits include behaviour like speeding, following too closely, and intersection violations.

“Last year in Saanich, we had three fatal collisions and 477 injury accidents, statistics our men and women are working hard to reduce” says Sgt. Dean Jantzen. So far this year, there has been one fatal collision and 153 injury accidents, on pace for over 600 such accidents.

Saanich Police officers will be deploying not only in cars but on motorcycles, bicycles and on foot. Officers may also deploy in vehicles that look nothing like police cars to observe driving behaviour.

This initiative is an enforcement driven campaign to increase awareness and compliance with safe driving measures and to ultimately reduce crashes and deaths.

Canada Road Safety Week is sponsored by Transport Canada and endorsed by police as part of “Road Safety Strategy 2015”, which is the goal of making Canada’s roads the safest in the world.

Media partners are invited to contact us if you wish the opportunity to view an operation or to participate in a ride-along with one of our Traffic Safety Unit professionals.

The concluding report of the internal review into the death of a 16 year old youth at Queen Alexandra Hospital in December 2010, is now available. This review was conducted by the Saanich Police Professional Standards Office with oversight from the Office of the Police Complaints Commissioner.

The concluding report and the recommendations of the Office of the Chief Constable, are available publicly on the Saanich Police main page.

Links to these reports have been included below:

Concluding Report


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