Media Releases

Last evening around 8:30pm, a motorist was seen driving without a seatbelt by a Patrol officer in the area of Maddock ave.

Upon stopping the car, a gray Infiniti, the driver got out and approached the officer. The driver failed to produce a drivers license and appeared to be nervous. Despite instructions not to, the driver continued to put his hands into his pockets, acted nervous and was evasive with his answers.

A name provided to the officer but it was suspected to be false. When the officer went to search the driver, the driver pushed the officer and tried to run away.

Cst. Jason Whittacker and Police Service Dog Brock who were nearby, deployed at the last point where the driver was seen.  A very brief track by the dog lead to the rear yard of a residence on Logan ave where the driver was trying to hide.

 Recovered from the driver's person was a small quantity of cocaine. A further amount was then found in the area where the driver was arrested.

Charges include Obstructing a Peace Officer, No Driver License, and drug related offences. The driver was released on a Promise to Appear to attend court in the new year.



On December 17th,  at about 4pm, a witness called Saanich Police about two suspicious looking males at the back of a residence in the 800 block of Seven Oaks rd. 

Upon arriving, Patrol officers surrounded the premises and detached garage. A male was observed exiting the garage and was quickly arrested.

There was no sign of a second person so as officers went to enter the garage, they smelled an overwhelming odour of marihuana and noticed an immediate electrical hazard. Officers backed off and contained the structure from the exterior.

After calling from the outside and banging on the garage doors, a second person  finally exited and was arrested.

Given the observation of officers at the scene, a search warrant application was submitted and granted.

In the early morning hours of December 18th, Saanich Police officers executed a search warrant on the garage of the residence. Found inside was a significant and sophisticated marihuana grow operation.

A total of 534 plants and the related equipment was removed.

Arrested were a 38 year old male and a 36 year old female, both Saanich residents. Both were released on a Promise to Appear in court in the new year. Charges of Production of a Controlled Substance contrary to the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act are pending.  



This morning at 6am a truck went off the road on Ravine Way into the ravine. Luckily there were no injuries to the driver or any pedestrians.

As luck would have it, the accident was witnessed by a Saanich officer on his way to work, who then called it in.  On duty officers found that a white GMC pick-up had gone off the roadway on Ravine way on the north side of the road.

The truck ended up precariously perched on the lower walkway along Ravine way that goes under the overpass. This was all that stopped the truck from ending up on the Galloping Goose Trail.

Apparently the driver was leaving Tim Horton’s after getting his morning coffee and turned to travel west bound on Ravine way towards Uptown Centre. Then he somehow stepped on the accelerator too hard and ended up going off the roadway and into the ravine.

Investigators detected an odour of alcohol about the driver and arrested him for impaired driving at the scene.  Breath samples revealed almost double the legal limit.

“The driver was extremely lucky not to injure himself or any pedestrians using the walkway,” Sgt. Dean Jantzen.

Arrested was a 36 year old Saanich resident. He has now been released with a Promise to Appear in court in the new year.



Yesterday afternoon just after 2pm, Saanich Police were called to a residence in the 3400 block of Bethune ave for reports of a stabbing.

Upon arriving, Patrol officers were met with a male who had been stabbed multiple times. The victim was being treated by other bystanders.

The area was secured by Patrol officers and Saancih Police Detectives were called to the scene. A search warrant was conducted and the weapon was recovered. The residence was released back to the owners just before 4am Monday morning.

The suspect was found in the residence where the altercation occurred and was arrested without incident. Both the victim and the suspect are known to each other but are not directly related.

The victim, a 35 year old,  was taken to hospital by way of BCAS and underwent life saving surgery last evening. He remains in hospital in stable condition today.

The suspect, a 28 year old Victoria resident, has been held in custody to appear in Victoria Provincial Court. He has been identified as Nathan Maxwell Lafortune.

No other person is being sought by the Saanich Police in releation to this investigation.



Counterattack season is in full swing! Officers report it is difficult to find an impaired driver.

Thursday, December 11th, there were no drivers arrested or prohibited at the roadside! There were not even any roadside tests conducted. There were reports of a huge number of taxis and many designated drivers.

Saturday, December 9th, there were no arrests, prohibitions or any roadside tests conducted.

However Impaired drivers are still being arrested by Patrol and Traffic Safety Unit officers. Here are some recent examples:

December 9th, at about 10:30pm a motorist reported a car ‘all over the road’. It was then seen to strike the curb and drive on rims up Elk Lake drive. When approached the driver actually said: ‘I should not be driving because I have been drinking.’ Arrested was a 56 year old, male Saanich resident. Breath samples taken were more than twice the legal limit.

December 10th, at about 9:30pm, a motorist was reported stuck in the ditch on Carey rd at Roy rd. The driver was seen to be unsuccessfully trying to drive out of the ditch. Officers arrived and found the driver had been drinking. A 63 year old Saanich, female resident was arrested for impaired driving. Breath samples taken were well over the legal limit.

December 11th, at about 10:30pm, a motorist was reported to be possibly impaired by beer and wine store staff. The plate was obtained and officers intercepted the motorist at his residence. The driver tried to blame another family member, but when investigated, it was found that that family member was not even home or around at the time. Arrested was a 51 year old, male Saanich resident. Breath samples revealed more than twice the legal limit.



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