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At 640am, Saanich Police, with the assistance of Saanich Fire and BC Ambulance attended to a reported collision on the Pat Bay Highway adjacent to Beaver Lake Park.
A vehicle, traveling northbound on Pat Bay, struck a deer. After the impact, the driver slowed and was struck from the rear by another vehicle. The impact with the deer sent it into the southbound lanes of the Pat Bay where it was struck a second time by a vehicle traveling southbound.
The second deer strike resulted in another set of rear-end collisions.
Six vehicles in total were involved, with four requiring Totem Towing to remove the vehicles from the highway. Ambulance attended to two of the drivers, but none of the drivers required transport to the hospital.
With the morning darkness during the commute, Saanich Police are reminding drivers to leave adequate space to stop or take action in the event of an emergency. At a highway speed of 80 km/h, a vehicle is travelling almost 20 metres per second. Distance is required to provide adequate time to stop or take action to avoid the car in front.
With incidents on both side of the highway requiring tow trucks and emergency personnel, the highway was congested for approximately 30-40 minutes with a backlog of traffic for the morning commute into Victoria.
The deer was last seen running east bound from the highway.
Det S/Sgt. Horsley
Saanich Police wish to thank our media partners, and the public, for the quick assistance to our appeal for information regarding the stolen aquatic wheelchair from the Gordon Head Rec Centre.
SaanichPolice received tips today relating to the suspect in the video, and also the potential location of the wheelchair. Callers were aware of the theft from viewing social media websites including the Crimestoppers Facebook account. One caller believed the wheelchair was listed for sale on the Internet, linked to a business in the City of Victoria.
Late this afternoon, Saanich detectives attended a pawn shop located in the City of Victoria and confirmed the stolen wheelchair was at the store. Shortly thereafter, detectives were able to locate and arrest the individual believed to be responsible for the theft. The pawn shop was cooperative with police in this investigation.
A 51-year old Central Saanich resident was arrested and transported to the Saanich Police. He is currently facing criminal charges relating to the theft of the wheelchair which will be returned shortly to the recreation centre pool so that users can have access to it. One count of "theft under $5000" will be recommended to Crown Counsel.
Thanks for the assistance.
Det. Staff Sergeant Chris Horsley #50

On October 29, at approxiamtely 730am, members of the Saanich Police responded to a report of a criminal hit and run, where a firearm was observed. 

The complainant, who resides in the 600 block of Gorge Rd West provided police with information the led to this incident. The complainant observed a suspicous male on his property, and followed the male out towards the street. He then observed a second male standing out front.  Both males walked on foot towards the intersection of Gorge Rd and Dysart, where the joined a third male in a red Ford F150 pickup. The complainant, who was on his E Bicycle, attempted to intervene and the suspect vehicle initiated a U-Turn to go back towards VIctoria.

In the process, the truck stuck the victim on his E Bicycle crushing the bike under the truck. The complainant was knocked off the bike and sustained minor injuries. The suspects were observed removing wood from the rear of the truck to lift the F150 free of the E Bicycle. The suspects then fled the scene.  A confrontatoin ensued, where a handgun was produced. Police have determiend this to be a pellet gun, but the manner in which it was produced is still under investigation.

The complainant had the gun in his possession upon police arrival.  BC Hydro were required, as the truck struck a hydro box knocking it off the concrete base. Concern for possible ground gradient was present and BC Hydro were required to de-energize the electrical box.  EHS, Saanich Fire, and BC Hydro also responded to assist.Police are currently interviewing the victim and are seeking any other potential witnesses who may have observed the collision and interaction, or the males prior to the incident taking place.

Det. Staff Sergeant Chris Horsley #50

The Saanich Police are seeking the publics assistance in identifying the male responsible for the theft of a specilzed aquatic wheelchair from the Gordon Head Recreation Centre on October 17,2019.
The wheelchair, valued at over $2000, is especially designed for submersion in pools and other aquatic environments. The wheelchair is part of the pool equipment at Gordon Head Recreation Centre and allows patrons to enjoy the pool experience.
Surveillance footage is being released in an attempt to identify the suspect in this theft. There appears to be a couple involved, and the male walks into the recreation centre, and is then observed a short time later using the wheelchair to exit the front doors. Once outsite, the male stands out of the wheelchair and loads into the rear seat of a newer white Toyota 4-door sedan. The male then walks around to the passenger side and the couple leave the area in their car.
Saanich Police have attempted to enhance the vehicle license plate without success, and are hopeful that someone will recognize the fmale from the good quaility surveillance footage at the rec centre.
 Anyone with information, is requested to contact the Saanich Police at 250-475-4321
 Please email me, and I will send you a compressed version of the video footage and still images.
 Det. Staff Sergeant Chris Horsley #50
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Saanich Police are warning the public, specifically members of our Chinese community, as they recently investigated an elaborate extortion scheme consistent with a “virtual kidnapping.”

Detectives were requested to assist with an in-progress event on October 23, 2019 that occurred in the City of Vancouver.  Saanich Police are warning the public, specifically members of our Chinese community, as they recently investigated an elaborate extortion scheme consistent with a “virtual kidnapping.” Detectives were requested to assist with an in-progress event on October 23, 2019 that occurred in the City of Vancouver.

Although the investigation is still ongoing, the family in Saanich were contacted and an attempt to extort money ensured in this elaborate scheme. The family, believing their loved on was in danger, contacted police to report the kidnapping. The decision to quickly contact local police, was instrumental in thwarting this fraud attempt.

There appears to be some common themes in these incidents. “The victim typically receives a phone call and is convinced there is a warrant for their arrest in China, or that Chinese police need help with an investigation,” says S/Sgt Chris Horsley, SPD.  “The suspects then tell the victim to go into hiding and to make fake videos claiming they’ve been kidnapped. The scammers send the videos to the victim’s family and friends asking for money to pay for their release.”“Police from outside Canada will never arrest you in this country, ask for photos or videos of yourself pretending to be a victim of crime,” says S/Sgt Horsley. “Any contact from international authorities should be through your local police.

What can you do?  If you are contacted by someone claiming to be from the Chinese Consulate or the Chinese Police who ask you to participate in a similar occurrence, you are asked to call our non-emergency line at (250) 475-4321, or your local police.Speak with family, students and visitors in your community from mainland China about these extortions and encourage them to contact police if they feel unsafe or are contacted by people claiming to be the Chinese authorities who are asking them to pretend to be the victim of a crime.


1. The Chinese Police or government cannot arrest you in Canada.

2. All policing related contact from the Chinese government will be through local police.

3. Canadian or Chinese authorities will not ask you to destroy a phone or to take photos or videos of yourself pretending to be the victim of a crime.

4. If you are contacted by someone claiming to be the Chinese police and they ask you to be of assist and investigation by pretending to be the victim of a crime, call (250) 475-4321 for assistance (even if they tell you not to).

5. The Saanich Police are here to help you. If you feel unsafe or threatened, please call us either by dialing 911 or (250) 475-4321.

Det. Staff Sergeant Chris Horsley #50

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