The mandate of the Traffic Safety Unit is to improve road safety within the Municipality of Saanich. The Section is committed to reducing the number of serious crashes in Saanich through intelligence led enforcement. There are currently 16 members assigned to Traffic Safety Unit, who operate marked and unmarked vehicles and BMW police motorcycles.

Members of the Traffic Safety Unit are responsible for:

Criminal Code driving offences
Enforcement of the Motor Vehicle Act and Municipal Bylaws
Investigation of serious motor vehicle crashes
Investigation of hit and run crashes and driving complaints

Please visit the following ICBC websites for important information about safe driving and other

Campaigns and Promotions:

Distracted driving and cell phone use information:


Traffic Safety Unit Videos


For urgent assistance call 911

The 911 emergency number often becomes a person’s lifeline and should be used to report:

  •  a crime that is in progress or about to occur,
  •  any situation where serious injury has or is about to occur,
  •  any suspicious activity in progress,
  •  any situation where an ambulance or firefighting apparatus is required.


To report a non-emergency crime

To report a non-emergency crime that has occurred in Saanich, call 250-475-4321 or report in person at 760 Vernon Ave.  We are always open.  Someone should use the non-emergency number when:

  • reporting a crime where there is no suspect,
  • reporting a crime where there is a suspect, but the suspect is no longer on scene,
  • reporting a serious crime with a suspect, but with a lengthy time delay (e.g. assault that occurred several hours ago or occurred last night at a party or bar),
  • non-emergency crimes in-progress (e.g. noisy house party, barking dogs).

To report a crime you can either call 911 if it is an emergency, 250-475-4321 if it is not an emergency or attend our front counter at anytime.  We are always open.

When reporting a driving complaint or suspected impaired driver please note the following:

  • Time and date
  • Vehicle description
  • Licence plate number
  • Number of occupants
  • Description of driver and occupants
  • Road and weather conditions
  • What you saw
  • Direction of travel

It is important to remember that when calling the police via 911 or our non-emergency number to please answer all the questions that our call takers ask, because those questions might be vital pieces of information for our attending officers.


Guide to writing a statement

  • Write your statement when you are calm and clear.  Remember your statement may become a court document.
  • Do not collaborate on your statement with other witnesses or family members.  Make it your own account.
  • Be accurate; if you are not sure of some detail make sure you say that.
  • Always provide the date, time and location of the incident you are reporting.
  • Provide as much detail as possible.  Consider what you saw, heard, smelled, tasted, felt, etc.
  • When describing a person take note of physical descriptors such as age, height, weight, hair and eye colour, scars or tattoos and clothing description.
  • Sign and date your statement and always keep a copy for yourself.
  • Your written statement should NOT include your address, phone number or date of birth.

VISA AND MASTERCARD FRAUD AGENTS ARE ASKING FOR 3 DIGIT SECURITY #s VIA PHONE - visit the Better Business Bureau by following the link to learn more BBB Alerts

Both VISA and MasterCard state that a scam is being worked by fraud agents trying to get you to give them the 3-digit number off the back of your card.  VISA and MasterCard would never ask you for these numbers as they already know them - and the warning is: If you are called, just hang up, and file a fraud report with the police.


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This specific scam no longer appears to be active however,we are leaving it up for information purposes and because this method of misrepresentation will likley arise again in the future.

It was with regret that the RCMP had to alert the public to a charity scam claiming to be in the interest of the fallen officers in Alberta, in early 2005.

"It is disturbing that at this time of national mourning there are individuals
taking advantage of the situation for personal gain," said Chief Superintendent
Wayne Watson, Director of the RCMP's Commercial Crime Branch in Ottawa. "As with any charity scam, we urge the public to ask questions and be

These solicitations have occurred by phone and internet-based solicitations
can be expected. As is the case with all charity scams, the public is urged
to exercise due caution.

Those who feel they may have been victimized by a scam charity are advised to contact their local police and the PhoneBusters National Call Centre at

We continue to thank Canadians for their prayers, thoughts and good wishes at
what continues to be a difficult time for us all.

Fallen RCMP Family Fund
the only approved and legitimate sites for donations were:

1. Emergency Services Credit Union Ltd. 14909 - 121A Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta T5V 1P3

2. Any bank branch in Canada can transfer funds to the Fallen RCMP Family Fund at account # 10799 899 01 8103202 (there must be spaces between the numbers, not dashes).

Deposits were collected until March 31, 2005.


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One of the most common schemes perpetrated on homeowners is the door-to-door renovating company. The salesperson claims to "just happen to be in the neighbourhood" and offers a good deal for improvements you might want done.

  • Don't feel pressured by these people. Ask questions and only do business when you are satisfied that you are dealing with a reputable company and that you actually need the work done.
  • Always be skeptical of salespeople who offer to inspect your roof, chimney, or furnace at no cost. In some incidents a person inspecting will try to convince you that work is required immediately whether or not it actually is.
  • Do not pay for any services until the work is completed.  

The safest way to ensure satisfaction is to obtain estimates from established, reputable companies in your community. Contact the Better Business Bureau for a list of reputable companies. Established companies have a reputation and business to protect, and will likely still be around when the work is completed, so that you can expect quality workmanship at a fair price.

Obtain proper identification from any home repair worker. This identification should include a valid B.C. Drivers Licence, a business card, and a valid Saanich Business Licence.  Make note of the licence plate on any work vehicle. Most work vehicles will have the name of the business placed somewhere on the exterior portion of the vehicle.


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