The Saanich Police has made diversity a key strategic priority by demonstrating that differences should be celebrated, honoured and understood. We work with our many partners in bringing our diverse community together by behaviours that champion the practices of inclusion, respect and equality.

As a founding partner of the Community Partnership Network, through a strong connection to the Inter-Cultural Association of Greater Victoria, the Saanich Police strives to deliver activities that build meaningful relationships.

We have been designated as a partner agency for the Safe Harbour Program to take a leadership role as Saanich is committed to creating a safe and inclusive environment where all members of our community feel welcomed and accepted as we support diversity and are committed to assisting victims of discrimination.

We are a partner agency in the Greater Victoria Police Diversity Advisory Committee (GVPDAC), of which Staff Sergeant Scott Treble co-chaired for many years.  The GVPDAC brings together members of our diverse community with members from all of the area police agencies, to provide a continuing dialogue on issues of mutual concern, to problem solve and to establish close cooperation. To more fully understand the positive connections made through the work of the GVPDAC, we've posted their annual report here.


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