Job Title:

In cooperation with the Saanich Police, and with the assistance of their volunteer Area Coordinator, BLOCK CAPTAINS/CO-CAPTAINS will be responsible for the delivery of the Block Watch program in their specific neighbourhood, and to communicate with the participants on their block.

The Block Watch Captain/Co-Captain carries out the general duties associated with the Block Watch Program on their block, including:

  • Arranging the initial meeting to implement the program in their neighbourhood. Act as host at this meeting, to be held at Captains home or another suitable location. Ensure yearly neighbourhood meetings are held.
  • Acting as liaison and communication link with the volunteer Area Coordinator, the Block Watch Office, Saanich Police, and the participants on their block. Maintain contact with Area Coordinators, and/or the Block Watch Office on a regular basis - at least quarterly.
  • Welcoming new residents to the neighbourhood by explaining the Block Watch program, and encouraging participation.
  • Maintaining accurate list and map of all participants, and update every six months. Copies to be forwarded to the Saanich Police - Block Watch Office, and the Area Coordinator.
  • Distribution of newsletters and other material to all participants on your block.
  • Responsible for distributing "fan out" of important information to participants of your block. Report to Saanich Police and the Block Watch Office all Break and Enters, and attempted Break and Enters in your neighbourhood.
  • Ensure that Block Watch participation is not used as a vehicle for promotion for any other cause. Personal information, lists and data are to be treated with confidentiality. Dissemination of information is exclusive to the purposes of the Block Watch program and will not be shared for any other purpose.
  • Set a good example by initiating home security and target hardening measures in your own home. Arrange for distribution of an engraver to participants on your block.

Interested in and committed to preventing crime in your area.
Good communication and organizational skills
Ability to work with other community volunteers.
Criminal Record Check required (no fee).
Respect of confidentiality essential.
Sense of humour helpful.

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