Job Title:

In cooperation with the Saanich Police, and under the leadership of a volunteer Block Captains/Co-Captain, PARTICIPANTS will partner with their neighbours to build safer communities by taking responsibility to reduce the opportunity for property offences.

Basic responsibilities are to:

  • FIRST REPORT WITHOUT DELAY to the Saanich Police all Break and Enters, attempted Break and Enters, and any other suspicious activity. SECOND, in a timely fashion and at a reasonable hour, advise the Block Captain/Co-Captain of the reported incident.
  • Watch out for your neighbours.
  • Take steps to improve your home security and take measures to target harden your home. Mark your property with your driver's licence number. (Engravers available from Capt/Co-Captain).
  • Attend yearly Block Watch meetings.
  • Inform your Block Captain/Co-Captain of any changes in the personal information required for Block Watch map.
  • Ensure that Block Watch participation is not used as a vehicle for promotion for any other cause. Personal information, lists and data are to be treated with confidentiality.
  • To have an interest in preventing crime in your area.

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