Duties of a Police Constable:

Police officers perform duties of considerable variety and responsibility involving: public service, protection of life and property, prevention and investigation of crime and the enforcement of law. These duties must be performed in accordance with a wide variety of police regulations and legal requirements.

A Police officer is required to act without direct supervision and to exercise a degree of independent judgment when dealing with routine and emergency situations. With this responsibility comes a high level of accountability, to supervisors, the Court of law, and the community for which the constable serves.

Minimum Standards:

  • Minimum age, 19 years;

  • No Criminal Record;

  • A scanned copy of your Birth Certificate;

  • A scanned copy of your Official Canadian Citizenship Certificate or Permanent Resident Card;

  • Educational transcripts for the highest level of education completed (Transcripts MUST be an official stamped copy that is forwarded to the Saanich Police Staff Development Section directly from the school / college / university that the applicant attended, or the Ministry of Education, in a sealed envelope)  If transcripts are recieved in any other manner, they will not be accepted. If an applicant has a college diploma or university degree, high school transcripts are not required. 

  • A scanned copy of a valid BC Class 5 Driver's Licence or equivalent. 

  • A scanned copy of a valid Standard First Aid Certificate with CPR level C;

  • Good verbal and written communication skills;

  • Physically fit and have a healthy lifestyle;

  • Vision standards (Forms downloadable here):

    (i)  Must be binocular and have unaided vision of not less than 20/40 in one eye and 20/100 in the other eye;

    (ii) Vision should be correctable with approved vision aide to a minimum 20/20 both eyes open with no one eye poorer than 20/30;

    (iii) Colour vision must pass the Ishihara test or the Farnsworth D-15 test;

    (iv) This minimum vision acuity is required for safe performance of policing duties if glasses or contacts are lost or displaced;

    (v) Must be at least 150 degrees continuous along the horizontal meridian and 20 degrees continuous above and below fixation with both eyes open and examined together.

    Note: applicants who have had Laser Surgery must wait one month post surgery for an eye examination and have our form completed by the surgeon stating there are no adverse conditions.

  • Normal hearing in each ear - documented by an Audiogram produced by your Audiologist; and

  • The Saanich Police does not participate in the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP).

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