Big Grow-Op Busted

Saanich Police Patrol and Street Crime Unit officers busted a marihuana grow operation in the 500 block of Sedger rd in Saanich.

A several week investigation conducted by Patrol members ended with a warrant being executed yesterday just before 11am.

Arrested were a 47 year old male and 37 year old female occupant of the residence without incident. Neither are known to police.

Located in the house was a sophisticated marihuana grow operation occupying the entire basement of the residence. Found were 243 mature marihuana plants that were up to 3’ in height and in excellent condition. Also found were another 301 miniature clones being grown to provide the next crop.

Also found was much evidence of prior harvests and trafficking related items.

Grow operations can be dangerous to neighbourhoods. There are electrical hazards in overloading circuits and very dangerous hydro meter bypasses. The heat generated, the chemicals present and the electrical hazards create fire hazards for the structures.

As well, these operations provide significant risks to first responders who may be called to the scene.

If anybody knows or suspects that there is a grow operation in their neighbour hood, they are encouraged to contact police or Crimestoppers.



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