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The Saanich Police Department has joined a growing number of police agencies in British Columbia and the Capital Regional District to partner with Project 529 Garage. The bike registry makes it easy for citizens to register a bike and flag it stolen if a theft occurs. 

In 2013, Project 529 Garage set out to create a sustainable program to help reduce bike theft, promote cycling, and make cities and campuses more bike-friendly. As a result, Project 529 has created an international bike registry program that includes over 400 police departments, universities, bike clubs and bike shops around the world. 


Anyone can register a bike on Project 529 for free in less than five minutes, either online or in person at a registration station that is listed on the Project 529 website. Only an email address is required – no other personal information. The Saanich Police Department is not a registration station, but local registration stations include: Cycles West (100A Burnside Rd West in Saanich), Trek Bicycle Shop, Ride The Glide, Giant Victoria, Bishop’s Family Cycles, Fairfield Bicycle Shop, Oak Bay Bikes and Fuca Cycles.

529 Shields

Tamper resistant 529 Shields act as a deterrent, warning would-be thieves that your bike is registered and making it easier to find you if your bike is recovered. Shields can be purchased from Registration Stations or If you obtain a shield after you’ve registered your bike, you can go into your account and update it with the shield information.

How to Access Project 529

How to Use Project 529

  • Register your bike(s) and all bikes in your family in the same “Garage”.
  • Search the registry if you find an abandoned bike and contact the owner to make return arrangements if the bike is registered. Bicycles can be queried by make/model, serial number, or shield number and results sorted by distance, match, etc.

If your bike is stolen

  • Call the non-emergency police line for the municipality in which it was stolen and file a police report; and either:
  • Go into your account to set an “alert” and follow the prompts if your bike is already registered with Project 529 and add the police file number; or
  • Register you bike with Project 529 and set the alert.

How to Protect your Bike from Theft

  • Lock up your bike, even if you are just stopping for a few minutes.
  • Use a high-quality U-lock rather than a cable lock.
  • Find something metal and large to lock it to and lock it in a well-lit place where there is plenty of foot traffic.
  • Lock you bike to the middle of the bike rack instead of the end, so it is less visible to thieves.
  • Make sure the wheel and frame are locked up.
  • Bring your bike inside at night.
  • Swap quick-release seats and wheel skewers for ones that require keys.

Project 529 has a comprehensive “Help” section on their website that provides detailed information regarding the registration process.

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