Missing Persons

Saanich Police Department will investigate ALL reports of missing persons in a timely and sensitive manner. If you believe that someone is missing, report it to police immediately. Your report will be assigned to an investigator as soon as possible.

To Report a Missing Person

  • There is no waiting period prior to making a report of a missing person.
  • Anyone can make a missing persons report (ie does not have to be family or a guardian).

Call 9-1-1 if:

The missing person is vulnerable (elderly, a child, a person requiring immediate medical treatment, a person at risk of physical harm or who has a lifestyle which puts them at a greater risk).

Contact the Report Desk by calling 250-475-4321 and selecting option 1 if:

The missing person is not in imminent danger.

Information that may be requested when reporting:

  • Physical description of the person (height, weight, gender, ethnicity, tattoos & scars, clothing, etc.)
  • Vehicle description
  • When/where the person was last seen
  • Where the person usually resides, works and/or spends time
  • Names of family, friends and other persons who may be able to provide further information
  • Photographs
  • Mobile phone numbers, social media account names, etc.

The investigator assigned will contact you to confirm details.  The investigator will also provide a police file number for further reference.  You are asked to update the police as soon as possible if the missing person is located, or there is any new information becomes available.  If you are unable to contact the investigator immediately, contact the report desk.  If the information is urgent and needs to be acted upon immediately, call 9-1-1 without delay.  Another police officer will be assigned if the primary investigator is not available.

Victim Support Services

Greater Victoria Victim Services is available to assist those affected by crime or trauma, including those who are affected by a missing person.  Victim Services can provide emotional support, provide information regarding the investigative process, and referrals to counselling and/or other services.

Greater Victoria Victim Services can be accessed online at gvpvs.org, or via phone at 250-995-7351

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