No Seatbelt Leads to Drug Arrest

Last evening around 8:30pm, a motorist was seen driving without a seatbelt by a Patrol officer in the area of Maddock ave.

Upon stopping the car, a gray Infiniti, the driver got out and approached the officer. The driver failed to produce a drivers license and appeared to be nervous. Despite instructions not to, the driver continued to put his hands into his pockets, acted nervous and was evasive with his answers.

A name provided to the officer but it was suspected to be false. When the officer went to search the driver, the driver pushed the officer and tried to run away.

Cst. Jason Whittacker and Police Service Dog Brock who were nearby, deployed at the last point where the driver was seen.  A very brief track by the dog lead to the rear yard of a residence on Logan ave where the driver was trying to hide.

 Recovered from the driver's person was a small quantity of cocaine. A further amount was then found in the area where the driver was arrested.

Charges include Obstructing a Peace Officer, No Driver License, and drug related offences. The driver was released on a Promise to Appear to attend court in the new year.



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