Regional Domestic Violence Unit (RDVU)


• To increase victim safety and offender responsibility by providing a cross jurisdictional response that is uniform in approach in domestic violence cases across the Capital Regional District.



• Utilizing a co-location team model that includes police, community based victim services, and the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD), the Unit will provide timely follow-up services in select domestic violence cases where high risk factors are present or in cases where there is an elevated level of risk to victims, and/or their children, accompanied by a need for intensive victim support.

• Services provided will include follow-up investigation, risk assessment, offender management, safety planning for victims and children, and intensive victim-specific support through to trial, and in some cases beyond.

• The Domestic Violence Unit may accept referrals from any agency involved with intimate partner violence that presents a high risk, or it may initiate a request that a file be referred where the Unit has determined that high risk factors are present.


• Follow-up services on lower risk cases may be provided by the Unit where the Unit determines it has the capacity to do so.

• The Unit will provide consultation, education and training services to Patrol/General Duty members, MCFD social workers, or any other agency that is involved in domestic violence, regarding the dynamics of intimate relationship violence and the investigation of domestic violence cases.

• Domestic violence homicides and cases that appear to be low risk, are not within the mandate of the Unit, however the Unit may provide assistance and support to the requesting agency where appropriate.




“Domestic Violence” means physical or sexual assault, or the threat of physical or sexual assault, by one partner against the other partner with whom they have or have had an intimate relationship whether or not they are legally married or living together at the time of the assault or threat.

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