The Saanich Police Department is very excited to introduce our newest family member, a two-year-old black lab named Beacon.

Beacon is an Operational Stress Intervention Dog and has been donated to SPD by Wounded Warriors Canada in partnership with VICD Service Dogs, a Division of BC Guide Dogs. Beacon joined us in an ongoing effort to support our staff in the aftermath of critical incidents and to minimize occupational stress injuries.

Trained to sense anxiety, Beacon will comfort our staff during debriefings of critical incidents and better support victims of crime and survivors of sexualized offences during interviews in a trauma-informed manner.

Beacon spends his days in our building greeting staff, attending meetings, and of course, enjoying long naps.

“We are extremely proud of our partnership with the Saanich Police Department. Operational Stress Intervention dog Beacon represents another way we have been able to assist the service following the trauma their members and their families endured as a result of last summer’s attempted bank robbery. We’re grateful for the training he has received through our partners at Vancouver Island Compassion Dogs and we look forward to seeing the impact Beacon will have on the service moving forward.” — Scott Maxwell, Executive Director, Wounded Warriors Canada.

“His impact on our organization and our staff that work here has already been tremendous and we are thrilled to have him here,” said Chief Constable Dean Duthie. “We are very grateful for our partnership with Wounded Warriors and VICD Service Dogs.”

For more information, please visit Wounded Warriors Canada and VICD Service Dogs

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