Saanich Police Board Extend Police Chief’s Contract

Saanich, BC – The Saanich Police Board is pleased to announce the contract extension of Chief Constable Dean Duthie. The Board and Chief have agreed to a three-year employment contract extension until January 31st, 2029.

Duthie assumed the position of Chief Constable on February 1, 2022, after serving as Deputy Chief Constable. Over the past few years, no matter the challenge, Duthie has demonstrated that his leadership skills, values, and ethics are aligned with the community and the Saanich Police Board.

“We are so pleased to continue working with Dean Duthie in his role as Chief Constable,” said Dean Murdock, Saanich Mayor, and Saanich Police Board Chair.
“The Police Board is grateful to Chief Duthie and the SPD senior leadership team for the exceptional leadership they provide to the department, the Board, and the people of Saanich. This contract extension provides the public safety assurance and continuity that the community deserves and expects.”

“Every day I see our officers, civilian staff, and volunteers report for duty, I’m reminded of how each person contributes to our mission, values and shared vision,” said Chief Constable Duthie. “It is a synergy. A passion for helping, supporting, and keeping others feel safe. It inspires me. And instills trust and confidence in the people we serve every day and night.”

“My leadership focus and outlook strongly align with our values and strategic plan, which is to modernize and optimize supports, systems, and functions so officers and staff can effectively manage increasing and emerging pressures and expectations. Employee wellness, equity and inclusivity, organizational growth, community connections, and implementation of new and innovative technology are focal points that I am committed to enhancing and moving forward. This vision will help guide us as we continue to strengthen our ability to keep our dedicated officers and staff healthy, motivated, and equipped as they provide professional and ethical police and public safety services to people within our growing and evolving community.”

Dean Duthie began his career in policing with the Saanich Police Department twenty-nine years ago. Since that time, he has advanced through the ranks gaining experience in a wide range of police operations, investigations, administration, and management, becoming Acting Deputy Chief in 2019 and Deputy Chief in 2020. Duthie holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Criminal Justice Studies from the University of the Fraser Valley and a Master of Education Degree in Leadership Studies from the University of Victoria, and an Executive Masters Degree in International Police Leadership from Charles Sturt University in Australia.

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