Saanich Police Board

Keeping Saanich Safe

Service and Policy Complaints

The Board is responsible for responding to complaints regarding the services and policies of the Saanich Police Department.

The BC Police Act (s. 168) provides that any person may make a service or policy complaint.  These are complaints about the general direction and management or operation of a municipal police department, or about the inadequacy or inappropriateness of the following issues relating to the police department:

  • staffing or resource allocation
  • training programs or resources
  • standing orders or policies
  • ability to respond to requests for assistance
  • internal procedures

Service and Policy Complaints Review Process

The Board follows the requirements of the BC Police Act when processing service and policy complaints and will promptly take one more of the following actions:

  • ask the Chief Constable to investigate and report to the Board
  • initiate a study
  • initiate an investigation
  • dismiss the complaint with reasons
  • take any other course of action the Board considers necessary to respond adequately to the complaint

The Board must, within 20 days after taking one of the actions noted above, notify the complainant and the Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner of the action to be taken by the Board.

The Police Complaint Commissioner may recommend that the Board initiate an investigation into the complaint if the Board chooses not to do so.

Making a Complaint

The right to make a complaint about the Saanich Police Department is set out in the BC Police Act. You may make a service and policy complaint directly to the Board or to the Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner.

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